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You can now control and accept only requests originating from Amazon API Gateway.

Image recalls that, henceforth you can generate client-side SSL certificates in Amazon API Gateway and use the public key to verify that HTTP requests to your backend systems originated from Amazon API Gateway. 
The goal is to allow you to control and accept only requests originating from Amazon API Gateway, even if your HTTP backend is publicly accessible. You can learn more about using client-side SSL certificates in the Amazon API Gateway Developer Guide.

Directly create 3D virtual world assets without the need to scan, model, or character rig.

We are still at the early stage when it comes to VR and one can observe inter alia that, one of the biggest issues VR faces today is how to generate rapid 3D content in ways that are compatible with traditional TV, Web & Film content creation pipelines. observes that, with markerless motion capture technology, RealityCapture Live allows people to directly create 3D virtual world assets without the need to scan, model, or character rig. 
RealityCapture Live works as a real-time 3D scanner which can capture both actors and props on a stage, and immediately streams the content over the Internet into VR worlds.
Instead of controlling avatars or virtual characters, the system can provide full 3D geometry of subjects, with complete volume and facial scans.

India B2C E-Commerce market in 2015.

Billed as oneof the fastest growing B2C E-Commerce markets; it is obvious that, B2C E-Commerce in India is driven by its vast population, increasing Internet penetration and dearth of organized retail especially in small towns and rural areas.
However, one can also observe that, some major challenges faced by B2C E-Commerce in India include underdeveloped logistics infrastructure and low credit card penetration. 
Online merchants' profitability suffers from the necessity of accepting cash on delivery and offering free shipping. 
The top three E-Commerce companies in the country, Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon India develop their own logistics capabilities. 
Marketplace operator like ShopClues, online classifieds website Quikr and online accommodation booking website Oyo Rooms, among others, also pave their way.
According to Research and MarketsIndia is projected to be the fastest growing B2C E-Commerce market in the BRIC countries in the next five years.

Identify unknown callers and block scam calls in our mobile age.

More and more, it is obvious that, in our mobile-driven age, where data is the most critical asset, you need streamlined tools to inter alia: identify unknown callers and block scam calls.
You need control of your mobile identity, foster a better understanding of phone data and more.
The hire of Mayur Kamat at Whitepages is encouraging. salutes this momentum susceptible to help you better manage your phone calls and protect against the increasing number of phone scams.
Part of Kamat’s role at the company will be inter alia: to oversee its existing Caller ID and phone scam protection apps for Android and iOS.