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Showing posts from October 21, 2013

Google announces a new professional mapping tool: the Google Maps Engine Pro.

Henceforth Google Maps lets businesses visualize their data on a map. This means, by importing data like addresses, names, office locations and sales leads from various file formats onto a map, businesses can edit, analyze and share their information in a simple format. Google Maps Engine Pro can be as easy to use as creating a document and it gives businesses an added productivity tool to help make decisions, organize

Report: “Removing Performance Bottlenecks in Databases with Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Violin Memory Flash Storage Arrays”

With this test, we talk about simplification data access, application migrations and performance boosted. This midday, Connectikpeople has received the findings of a performance study conducted with Red Hat, the provider of open source solutions. According to thistest results, Oracle database workloads running

Ethiopia opened the first phase of a space exploration programme: stakes and opportunities.

It henceforth clear that, Ethiopia boosted by Ethiopian-Saudi business tycoon Mohammed Alamoudi, with the 3.4 million dollar observatory, run by the Ethiopian Space Science Society (ESSS), is deeply committed to succeed in space adventure. The programme includes East Africa's largest observatory designed to promote

Here is how Oracle wants enhance Web and Mobile Application Development with NetBeans IDE 7.4.

HTML5 trend and efficiencies oblige: this midday, the NetBeans team has joined the movement bringing advanced, new user-interface capabilities to the Java community. Henceforth the new release includes enhanced HTML5 and JavaScript development features and browser integration with existing and new

SAP has unveiled great financial results for the third quarter and nine months ended September 30, 2013.

More than ever, Cloud Subscription and Software and Software-Related Service generate the good health of SAP. These financial results for the third quarter and nine months ended September 30, 2013 , include €1.2 Billion in Non-IFRS Software and Cloud Subscription Revenue; €1.3 Billion in Non-IFRS Operating Profit and more.

Here is how Cisco Prisma SuperQAM XFP Transmitter module can help cable operators.

Available as of today, Prisma SuperQAM XFP Transmitter module is billed as another key piece of Cisco's Converged Cable Access Platform (CCAP) migration plan, with the goal to help cable operators to leverage their existing infrastructure, while adopting

Teads, Proterra and Chukong Technologies have raised $ 78 million: stakes around international expansion and more.

Teads(founded in 2011, French video advertising platform), has raised €4 million from Partech Ventures and Elaia Partners to fund its international expansion. Connectikpeople may recall that, Teads produces innovative video ad formats such as the inRead, launched last year, to help publishers monetize digital content.

Here is a Free Cyber Stress Test Service for your organization.

Like the banks that need a Financial Stress Test to assess their capacities to resist and manage challenges, and threats, henceforth organizations have to integrate the Cyber

Lunettes connectées notamment Google Glass, voici là où va se jouer l’avenir du concept.

Dans l’écosystème des lunettes connectées encore au stade embryonnaire, seul le projet Google Glass en octobre 2013, est véritablement avancé. On peut ainsi rappeler que plusieurs développeurs sélectionnés au volet il y’a près de 5 mois testent les premiers prototypes. On s’attend une commercialisation publique dès début 2014 tout

AT&T will receive about $4.85 billion in cash of Crown Castle: stakes and opportunities.

With this deal, AT&T earns in financial flexibility with the goal to continue to invest in its business, maintain a strong balance sheet and return value to their shareholders. It is official since last week; AT&T has agreed to lease the rights to approximately 9,100 of its company-owned wireless towers to Crown Castle International Corp. In this dynamic, Crown Castle will also purchase approximately 600 AT&T towers. This means about $4.85 billion in cash up-front proceeds for AT&T. Connectikpeople may recall that, under the terms of the leases, Crown Castle will have