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Énergies renouvelables : AREVA et KEPCO coopéreront dans ce secteur, voici les enjeux.

Les énergies fossiles se font de plus en plus rares, chères et difficiles d’accès. AREVA, l’un des leaders du nucléaire dans le monde le sait, mais constate surtout qu’après l’accident de Fukushima au Japon et la décision des autorités allemandes d’abandonner leur parc nucléaire, AREVA risque se retrouver dans de salles draps pour les prochaines. Il est donc temps de relancer ses partenaires traditionnels notamment le sud Corée KEPCO dans les énergies

The AWS Storage Gateway is making the Storage Gateway even more flexible.

For those who unfamiliar, the AWS Storage Gateway connects an on-premises software appliance with cloud-based storage to integrate your on-premises IT environment with the AWS storage infrastructure. Henceforth, Amazon Web Service announces that: ·You can configure a Storage Gateway as a Virtual Tape Library (VTL), with up to 10 virtual tape drives per Gateway. ·Each virtual tape drive responds to the SCSI command set, so your existing on-premises backup applications (either disk-to-tape or disk-to-disk-to-tape) will work

5G technologies: Huawei announced it will invest a minimum of US$600 million in research and innovation by 2018.

With the multi-screen realities, demand for videos and data continues to increase rapidly. With this announcement, Connectikpeople observes that, Huawei continues to evolve its existing 4G network capabilities by investing a minimum of US$600 million in research and innovation for 5G technologies by 2018. According to Huawei, the investment will cover a range of key enabling technologies, including the research of air-interface technology. In this dynamic, Huawei predicts that the first 5G networks will be ready for commercial deployment starting in 2020 and will deliver peak data rates of over 10Gbps, 100 times faster than today's 4G

According to SAP Survey Retailers “Don’t Know Where New Skilled Managers Will Come From, Don’t See Required Skills…’’

According to this survey captured by Connectikpeople, in an environment where the ability to understand and manage technology and data is increasingly in demand, retailers are worried about filling management positions with employees that have the strategic skill sets needed.

Retailers see a need for functional competencies leaning toward technology and data skills, even more than general business and people management. But the survey revealed that 84 percent of retailers are worried that it will be challenging to find

McAfee today launched its Online Safety for Kids programme in Ireland: stakes and opportunities.

In addition of this launching, McAfee also released results from its ‘DigitalDivide’ Study, an Irish study that looks at how teens are keeping their parents in the dark about what they’re doing online. 
Connectikpeople has observed that, according to the Digital Divide study, more than half of the Irish teens surveyed admitted to wiping their browser history to hide what they’re doing online from their parents. Alarmingly, 11 per cent of teens said they had actually met up with someone they met online. The survey

IBM Labs announced three new data discovery and visualization software capabilities.

Here, we talk about data in matter of minutes. In fact, Connectikpeople observes that, IBM continues to provide rich and innovative visualization capabilities to business analyst and line of business users across the Cognos Business Intelligence portfolio. Henceforth beyond Project Neo, new extensible visualization capabilities are being

Dear professionals, Toshiba Launches Small-Sized ESD Protection Diode Supporting High Speed Transmission Lines.

This announcement concerns the “DF4D7M2G”, a small-sized electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection diode that supports two lines of high speed data transmission. Pending the Mass production, scheduled to start in December, 2013, Connectikpeople may recall that, ESD protection diodes are designed to

Henceforth, Autodesk customers will be able to access Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk Revit, and more via a web browser.

In its dynamic to provide access to its most popular tools from almost anywhere, anytime, regardless of device and without compromising performance, Autodesk announced that, its customers will now be able to access Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk Revit, Autodesk Maya and Autodesk 3ds Max design tools via a web browser. This means, customers can access full-fledged 3D design, engineering and entertainment work in a browser without sacrificing performance, power or functionality. This is possible due to the Autodesk’s collaboration with Amazon Web Services

Désormais, Maroc Telecom appartient à émirati Etisalat.

A la suite de longs mois de tractations, négociations et évaluations,un accord définitif a été trouvé entre Vivendi et le groupe émirati Etisalat. Selon les termes de l’accord capturés par Connectikpeople, émirati Etisalat va verser environ 3,9

Dear professionals, with the updated Google Search app for iOS, Google will send you important notifications.

Available since this midday, this update brings notifications for example, if your flight is delayed, a notification will appear on your lock screen, letting you know the updated schedule. You’ll also receive notifications about heavy traffic conditions to ensure you