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Dear Sirs, here is how Evernote has improved its services bringing Evernote for Salesforce, and new Evernote Business 2.0.

We can observe progressively how Evernote is deeply committed to rethink, reorganize and improve its services with more interactivities and usefulness in mind.
Henceforth, using Evernote for Salesforce, means, you can:
·Capture all the rich information that you need to fully understand a

Smarter data tools for public health: IBM and Johns Hopkins demonstrated new analytic measures.

Progressively and surely, it appears clearly that, IBM is building its future around the services intended specially for companies, organizations and public institutions. Today, officially, the company hasannounced that, his Scientists are collaborating with Johns Hopkins University and University of California, San Francisco to combat illness and infectious diseases in real-time with smarter data tools for public

Fermes pilotes hydroliennes : Alstom s'associe avec GDF SUEZ : enjeux et opportunité.

En attendant que leur rêve se réalise avec ce projet lancé aujourd’hui par le président français, Connectikpeople peut rappeler les enjeux liés à l’accès et au développement des énergies renouvelables sont énormes selon qu’on décide d’y aller tout de suite ou de s’y impliquer plus tard. Pour les Etats sérieux cet écosystème fait l’objet d’un niveau élevé de recherche et développement, qu’il s’agisse de l’hydraulique, l’éolien, le solaire, le bio pour ne que

TechJobs in USA: GameStop, announced plans to hire approximately 17,000 employees nationwide.

This morning Connectikpeople has captured for you these approximately 17,000 jobs. In fact, as GameStop, prepares for the upcoming PlayStation 4 and Xbox One console launches, and the busy holiday shopping season, the company plans to hire approximately 17,000 employees nationwide. The positions GameStop is currently recruiting for include in-store Game Advisors, consumer electronic technicians within its refurbishment operation

Here is how Samsung has retimed our Tech attitude last week!

Last week, Connectikpeople has been excited to see how Samsung develops its partnerships in telecommunications around the world, and improves its offers in the Cloud ecosystem. September 26, 2013, OJSC "Mobile TeleSystems" telecommunications operator in Russia and the CIS, and Samsung Electronics Co., announced completion of the first stage of MTS LTE

CEATEC JAPAN 2013: ‘’Magnetic materials are the core of TDK's next generation solutions’’.

For this edition, TDK wants to consolidate its statute like innovative company bringing new products and technologies; according to them, categorized into anticipated future growth segments of 'energy-related markets', and 'next-generation telecommunications

Gas Turbine: Siemens builds on its SGT6-5000F gas turbine platform with a step change in NOx emissions.

Based on the fiscal 2012, revenue from the Portfolio totaled about €33 billion; we can’t occult how Siemens generates progressively lot of revenues and builds its international reputation with its Environmental Portfolio. Henceforth, in order to provide the highest power output and lowest emissions on fuel oil, Siemens has invested in extensive testing of the SGT6-5000F combustion system

Dear Lenovo lovers! Are you ready to buy this new smartphone line-up called Vibe?

Revealed during the press event in Beijing on Sunday, Connectikpeople has observed that, based on certain commercial realities obtained on its current flagship K900

Le succès de Samsung à l’international avec Galaxy bourre ses yeux de poutres : le Coréen cultive les germes de son futur échec.

Quant on fait près de 10 millions de ventes directes aux consommateurs 30 jours après le lancement d’un nouveau Smartphone en l’occurrence avec le fameux Galaxy S4, cela veut dire qu’on a une masse de fans considérable qui ne jure que par et pour vos produits. Samsung Mobile est le leader mondial du mobile, un succès éphémère

Here is how the ASTRA 2E satellite launched today will serve Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

SES progressively and surely continues to develop and consolidate its presence in space. With a fleet of 54 geostationary satellites, SES is deeply committed to provide satellite communications services to broadcasters, content and internet service

Greentech in Africa: VEDASTE MBAYITA, créé "Pole Farming Technology’’ au Rwanda.

Rien ne justifie ce que le Rwanda, ce petit pays d’Afrique des grands lacs a subis en 1994, lorsqu’il s’agit d’évoquer le génocide. Mais fallait-il passer par cette tragédie pour obtenir les résultats économiques et sociaux dont le Rwanda se félicite aujourd’hui ? Une chose est certaine, le Rwanda est un petit dragon géré comme une

OPENPediatrics: ‘’the world’s first Cloud-based global education technology platform’’.

Every day at Connnectikpeople, we are fascinated to see how technologies, internet and mobile are transforming ours lives. Today, we are excited to learn how IBM uses technologies, internet to improve the life of most vulnerable of us. In fact, we goal to improve the exchange of medical knowledge on the care of critically ill children no matter where they live, IBM ,and Boston Children’s Hospital, announced to transform how pediatric medicine is taught and practiced around the world. Connectikpeople has observed that, developed in IBM Labs in Cambridge, Mass.,