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A platform for team communication in our digital-driven world.

Henceforth the productivity required to deal with the end-to-end competitiveness recommends: comprehensive and flexible platform, everything in one place, instantly searchable, available wherever you go.
A platform for team communication in our digital-driven world should support an unlimited number of people; it should be intuitive, easily configurable, interoperable, secure and scalable.Haut du formulaiBas du formulaireSlack paves its way in this niche.

Manage the integration and automation in our ever changing IT environment.

Image, soon #Retinknow salutes the excitements around DevOps and OpenStack. This marks the real willingness of companies to appropriate the open sources solutions, critical when it comes to flexibility, productivity, security and performance. 
Our ever changing IT environment means inter alia: more flexibility and scalability, more interoperability, streamlined operations, continuous integration (CI), continuous deployments (CD), ongoing troubleshooting and remediation.
It is also exciting to observe that, by tying together existing infrastructure and applications environments, organizations can automate their environments in a simplified and transparent manner, reduce risks and enhance productivity. 
Real-time monitoring, access controls, rich APIs, intuitive user interfaces, and bi-directional integration into collaboration environments are henceforth critical in our digital world. StackStorm paves it way within this vertical.

A mobile point of sale (mPOS) application, in mobile-driven world.

We are still at the early stage of the mPOS market, but it is encouraging to observe that, merchant service providers such as ISOs, carriers, banks, and merchants are more and more aware of the capabilities of this emerging technology.
In our mobile-driven world, we need a cross-platform, comprehensive, flexible, scalable, seamless, secure mobile point of sale (mPOS) application, that supports all mobile payment transaction types and all acceptance methods including: magstripe, NFC, EMV chip & PIN, and EMV chip & sign. 
Mobile point of sale (mPOS) application should be intuitive, cost effective, designed to meet the needs of today’s merchants; reduces training time; improves customer satisfaction, by integrating simplified user interface.

The latest update for Android gives you new ways to add, locate, and share from Drive.

ForWork recalls that, Google Drive can make it easy, when it comes to manage your files from any device. Henceforth, from a Material Design, to the latest update for Android, you can more or less easily find and share your documents, photos, and PDFs with others. Highlights include:

Improved Search, provides updated results as you type each letter into the search box; henceforth you can add a custom message when you share a file; A new PDF viewer lets you inter alia : find, select and copy text in PDFs.