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Empower Developers to Build New Online Gaming Experiences

At the core of stakes, we have SpatialOS, the ability to create massive, densely detailed and persistent game worlds running on Google Cloud Platform.A joint game developer program, the SpatialOS Games Innovation Program, with Google Cloud Platform. Improbable’s SpatialOS platform, a distributed operating system, powered by Google Cloud Platform, which can enable the development of persistent online game worlds. 
In effect, SpatialOS can give any developer the ability to define and build simulated worlds which can accommodate thousands of simultaneous players in a single world at the same time, exceeding the usual limits of what a conventional game server can do.

Here is why Technology integration has been increasing in the data center space

Turnkey capability, flexibility, scalability, efficiency, speed, and performance are at the core of stakes. In effect, Technology integration has been increasing in the data center space for the last several years as operators seek modular, integrated solutions that can be deployed quickly, scaled easily and operated efficiently
Companies are embracing a turnkey approach to data center design and deployment that leverages integrated, modular designs, off-site construction and disciplined project management
Vendors that bring together infrastructure expertise, design and engineering capabilities and sophisticated project management to deliver a turnkey capability can build better data centers faster.

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) in our ever-connected data-driven era

It is very interesting to see that, Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) is continuing to expand its value, both in the issues it can address and its ability to manage the increasingly complex data center ecosystem. Forward-thinking operators are using DCIM to address data center challenges, such as regulatory compliance, Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), and managing hybrid environments. Finally, colocation providers are finding DCIM a valuable tool in analyzing their costs by customer and in providing their customers with remote visibility into their assets.

For those who are unfamiliar, Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) has emerged as the precursor to IIoT in the data center, delivering the visibility, increased coordination across systems and support for automation that are at the core of the IIoT value proposition.

Here is why organizations will turn pre-configured micro data center solutions

For those who are unfamiliar, the data center remains core to delivering applications and services.
On this momentum, micro data centers are growing in number and importance as internet-connected sensors and devices proliferate and remote users demand faster access to information.
In effect, organizations will turn to pre-configured micro data center solutions that support fast deployment, greater standardization and remote management across distributed IT locations. 
Standardization and modularity are becoming as important in distributed IT locations as they are in large data centers.

Leveraging insights from cloud-based analytics in biologics research and development

For those who are unfamiliar, employing comprehensive cloud solutions and leveraging insights from cloud-based analytics in biologics research and development is still in its infancy, but the momentum is on an exciting curve to become an increasing source of competitive advantage for biopharma organizations that adopt this new paradigm early.
In effect, Cloud technologies now offer enterprises powerful and streamlined opportunities to properly address complex data sets and make better, data driven decisions that, ultimately, save lives.