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Showing posts from May 24, 2013

Madla-Revheim: one of the first modern models for sustainable growth within metropolitan areas.

Designed by MVRDV & Space Group , what we see in these pictures is called Madla-Revheim. ‘’the main developmental edge of Stavanger, Norway for which MVRDV and Space Group seek to

Europe : Près de 5 milliards d’euros pour tenter de relancer la fabrication de microprocesseurs.

En fin Mai 2013, lorsqu’on parle de processeurs destinés à propulser les mobiles, l’américain Qualcomm, est de loin le leader mondial. Il est certes gratté par les Taïwanais et Coréen (Samsung),

SolarAid project: to replace kerosene lamps in Africa by 2020.

SolarAid is among the Global ImpactChallenge  10 finalists in 2013 . According to promoters SolarAid ‘’will scale access to solar

Infographic: see what and how people are buying online.

This infographic released by Dell shows that Global e-commerce revenue is expected to reach nearly $1 trillion in 2013. Books,

Details regarding the rumored low cost iPhone, the iPhone 5S, and the iPad 5.

Pending the Apple WWDC in Jun, 2013, rumors are increasingly grow up, regarding the possible low cost iPhone, the iPhone 5S,

Yahoo ! 10 acquisitions pas les moindre depuis le 22 janvier 2013.

Au total depuis sa création en 1995 par Jerry Yang, Yahoo ! a racheté 78 startups pour la majorité d’origine américaine. Avec l’arrivée de Marissa Mayer en fin 2012, ce sont 12

PlayerScale has been acquired by Yahoo!: stake and opportunity.

Yahoo! pursues its acquisition policy. The goal is be surrounded by technologies and contents which will help Yahoo!, compete with

Mailbox is now optimized for iPad to make email light, fast, and mobile-friendly.

Finally after been acquired by Dropbox, Mailbox is now available on iPad. This means, you can henceforth easily swipe your messages to your archive or trash, scan conversation , get push

June and July 2013 Blackberry EMEA evangelists arrive in Africa.

Blackberry continues its worldwide campaign, to help developers learn and create beautiful apps for users. This also means spread

Gmail: henceforth see quickly your exciting emails, Google Drive files, Calendar events, when you search.

Now it is possible to instantly see your exciting emails, Google Drive files, Calendar events, when you search in Gmail. This