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Madla-Revheim: one of the first modern models for sustainable growth within metropolitan areas.

Europe : Près de 5 milliards d’euros pour tenter de relancer la fabrication de microprocesseurs.

SolarAid project: to replace kerosene lamps in Africa by 2020.

Infographic: see what and how people are buying online.

Details regarding the rumored low cost iPhone, the iPhone 5S, and the iPad 5.

Yahoo ! 10 acquisitions pas les moindre depuis le 22 janvier 2013.

PlayerScale has been acquired by Yahoo!: stake and opportunity.

Mailbox is now optimized for iPad to make email light, fast, and mobile-friendly.

June and July 2013 Blackberry EMEA evangelists arrive in Africa.

Gmail: henceforth see quickly your exciting emails, Google Drive files, Calendar events, when you search.