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BlackBerry, the canadian Company is for sale.

Report: “Emerging Opportunities in the Prepaid Card Market in Malaysia: Market Size, Industry Drivers and Consumer Trends”

Study: Memoori publishes new research on the emerging market for software to interface Building Energy Management Systems.

Grape Solar has unveiled a new E-Commerce website and new portable products.

SAP finds a strategic LTE roaming peering agreement with Etisalat operator companies in the Middle East and Africa.

Méthodes de paiement sécurisées au Kenya : Paynet a lancé la campagne ‘’The Great Migration to EMV Chip Card’’.

Disney has released an iPad app called Disney Animated that brings 53 Films on your Hands with Lawful Intercept helps world governments, legally intercept all forms of VoIP communications.

IBM, today has unveiled "Hybrid Renewable Energy Forecasting" (HyRef).

American Campus Communities removes the bandwidth as a barrier at the new The Callaway House Austin.

Connectikpeople Exchanger soutient les développeurs et éditeurs pour attirer des clients et engager des utilisateurs.