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Business critical applications at runtime that are the heart of modern business

Security and privacy are at the heart of our digital era, where data is the most critical asset. On can then observe that, stakes, threats and challenges related to security and privacy diverse and increase at the rapid pace. 
Therefore, at we believe that Monitoring and protecting business applications at runtime that are the heart of modern business, also means, become aware that,
-organization seems unable to stop or restrain attacks to applications while in production. -cyber attacks are more and more sophisticated, -enterprises’ biggest worry is hacks to insecure applications, -More and more enterprises are relying on increasing numbers of applications to conduct their business, -The advent of internal and customer-facing applications in business-to-business environments has changed how institutions like banks, retailers or healthcare providers interact with external and internal constituencies.
In fact, Enterprises need and are demanding high-performance application …

Embrace Cognitive Computing (Intelligent machines) in the Workplace,

Our digital era is henceforth at the hearth of fundamental transformations within our living and working environments and technologies such as Cognitive Computing (Intelligent machines) is transforming how we improve decision-making, enhance healthcare, streamlined IT infrastructures and more. For those who are unfamiliar, recalls that, we can define intelligent machines as computers and applications that collect and analyze data, make informed decisions or recommendations for action, and learn from experience. This momentum brings some fears in the workplace, about attitudes toward and expectations of cognitive computing on job roles and skills, as well as positions in the workforce of the future. 
In fact, it is obvious that, intelligent machines will not only augment the decision making abilities of managers by providing them with relevant insight and data, but free them to focus on more strategic tasks. The lack of trust that certain managers have in intelligent sys…

Become aware of Telecom Application Programming Interface (API) in our digital economy era

Stakes related to Telecom Application Programming Interface (API) are henceforth decisive for everyone; so that, it is indispensable to recall that, become aware of Telecom Application Programming Interface (API) in our digital economy era, also means, understand that: 
-Mobile Value-added Service (VAS) applications represent a key aspect to the ongoing success of mobile network operators and everyone in the mobile communications value chain, - Core services, such as bear voice and data communications becoming commodity offerings drive excitements, -wireless service providers are dependent on VAS applications to drive additional revenue and improved margins, - Telecom Application Programming Interface (API), as a means of accessing data for a variety of communications-enabled applications.

Connectikpeople also recalls that, Telecom Network APIs can capitalize inter alia on: network infrastructure and platforms to facilitate many new business opportunities for global Communication Service…

Global Smart Cities IT Services Market

When it comes to Smart Cities, it is important to recall that, we talk about: the right service at the right time to the right people; we talk about: sustainable development and long term sustainable profit; we talk about: smart infrastructures and grids, smart transportation and living conditions, to name a few.
Progressively, governments around the world become aware of this new paradigm and its powerful impact in urban eras where challenges of all nature emerge at the rapid space.
Emerging technologies including IoT, Big data, Analytics, and cloud computing play a critical role in this momentum when it comes to inter alia: collect and analyze data; help smart city planners and other authorities to take informative decisions.
Beyond a set of constraints related to initial costs, and natural concerns related to data security and privacy, according to Research and Markets, the market for global smart cities IT services is growing rapidly, and smart grids and Smart water are among emergin…