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Exciting trends surrounding Voice control smart home devices

Increasingly analysts across the world agree on the fact that, Voice control as a new category for smart home devices has a bright future due to its solid marketing efforts, as well as its ability to leverage digital assistant adoption on smartphones and deliver genuine consumer value
According to ABI Research, Voice control will help transform a wide variety of new and emerging smart home services and devices into more attractive investments, and to become the heart of any smart home system.
Alongside Amazon (Alexa products) and Google, I can also observe that, Apple, Samsung and Microsoft all are working to bring Voice control smart home devices and functionality to market.
However, the ability to integrate and extend voice control throughout the home environment will require many more smart home devices to work seamlessly with voice control offerings.
By 2021, more than 600 million smart home devices will ship annually, up from 40 million in 2015, according to ABI Research.

Advantages of cloud over on-premises solutions

For those who are unfamiliar, I want to recall that, On-premises solutions usually require an initial investment such as servers, hardware, and power backup. In effect, in addition, it is also necessary to have an experienced IT staff for the maintenance of the hardware and to ensure the system functions on a consistent basis.
In cloud-based solution, the initial investment is much lower as compared with the on-premises solution. 
The cloud-based infrastructure is hosted and maintained by the vendor, and the users can access the solution using a web browser with an Internet connection. Hence, the cost of implementing cloud-based solution is lower than the cost of on-premises solutions.

Growing demand for drone-generated data in commercial applications

It is exciting to observe that, growing demand for drone-generated data in commercial applications, enhanced capabilities of UAVs to fight terrorism and increasing demand from commercial applications and rapid technological advancements helps to drive the market of UAV Drone, globally. 
With Key Players including DJI, BAE Systems & Thales Sa, the market has generated the revenue $ 5.97 Billion in 2016 and is anticipated to reach up to $21.23 Billion by 2022, according to Research and Markets.
I can also observe that, Geographically, the market for UAV Drones is segmented in to North America, Asia pacific, Europe and rest of the world. The North America holds the largest market share of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. 
In effect, the U.S. holds nearly 65.53% of the global UAV Drone market, in 2015. Israel, China, India are some countries which are contributing to the high demand for UAVs which become the major driver for the Asia pacific region.
Countries such as Germany, Russia and the …

Secure backup of employee data

Increasingly, Cloud storage is gaining in momentum as a cost-effective and suitable way to store organizational data; but it is clear that, organizations implement the cloud technology only if the trust is built between the cloud service providers and consumers. 
In fact, Vendors are providing numerous encryption tools such as password protection, biometric authentication, and session timeouts etc. to provide security between the user, server, and database. 
I can also recall that, many business organizations prefer cloud-based solutions over on-premises because of their cost effectiveness and ease of accessibility.