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Xacta and AWS Enterprise Accelerator for Compliance expedite secure and compliant cloud deployments

We live in a cloud age where security of the cloud, and security in the cloud is at the core of stakes like the ability to adhere to strict controls for security, compliance and risk management. enhancements to theXacta® IT GRC product suite can help users quickly and effectively demonstrate and document security compliance using the Amazon Web Services(AWS) Cloud
One can observe that, with these enhancements to Xacta, each program or project automatically inherits security controls from the AWS Enterprise Accelerator for Compliance, a security-focused, standardized architecture solution to help Managed Service Providers (MSPs), cloud provisioning teams, developers, integrators, and information security teams adhere to strict security, compliance and risk management controls.

A new Multi Factor Authentication solution

Cyberthreats, risks, and vulnerabilities are among major concerns in our ever-connected world, so that, scalable, flexible, streamlined, easy to deploy and cost effective security solutions are required. 
A vendor like Clavister MFA focuses on enhanced traditional username and password authentication by adding additional vectors for authentication including One Time Passwords.
One can then observe that, its Multi Factor Authentication solution combines the Clavister MFA Server, a mobile app Clavister Authenticator and an SMS-based One Time Password (OTP) service. 
According to the firm, this gives strong authentication for robust, secure access to corporate networks, protecting the identities of users, and ensuring that a user is who they claim to be.

Archisketch 2.0 now supports Apple Pencil and Adobe Creative Cloud Support for Architects and designers

Greater precision and versatility, flexibility, performance and productivity are at the core of stakes with these new advancements. Archisketch 2.0 brings up support for the Apple Pencil, Adobe Creative Cloud and other advancements for Architects and designers. 
Henceforth, users can add text or images, such as a company logo, to an exported file, or print directly from the iPad up to A1 size. 
Archisketch 2.0 requires iOS 9.2 or later, and is a recommended update available free of charge to all Archisketch customers.

Avast New Photo Space App to Increase iPhone Photo Capacity

Avast puts a focus on your valuable photos while preserving their quality through its new Photo Space App
The new app can optimize photos to reduce the amount of storage they occupy. The company reveals that to achieve this, the photo’s resolution is lowered to device screen values, while the original, high resolution version, is sent to the user’s personal cloud account, like Dropbox or Google Drive. 
Avast Photo Space comes with its own camera app, which will automatically transfer, optimize and sync photos with personal cloud accounts.
‘’A method which can shrink 7GBs worth of photos down to 1GB’’, according to the firm. Avast Photo Space is now available free to all iOS users and can be found in the iTunes App Store.