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Infrastructure à clé publique au Cameroun : Enjeux et répartitions des certificats dès 22 octobre 2012

Warning from Sophos: Threats, Stakes on three emails you don't want to see in your inbox

Skype Hero 2012 award: Story about the Skype Hero 2012 winner

Since October 19, 2012, Skype has announced the release of the Skype Hero 2012 winner.The prize rewards people using Skype to resolve conflict and promote world peace. According to Skype, all of the nominees are more than deserving of the award. The Skype Hero 2012 winner is, world-renowned explorer, educator and speaker: MARK WOOD.Mark, the first person to reach the North and South Poles on solo, unsupported and back-to-back expeditions. He has also cycled across North America and is currently living in Nepal, training to summit Mount Everest early next year. Throughout his adventures, Mark uses Skype to share his experiences in real time with school kids around the globe.
For example, Mark held a Skype video call about the environment with Kesennuma Omose Elementary School in Japan. Mark called the students from Namche Bazaar - a village in Nepal's Khumbu District known as the gateway to the Himalayas.
Mark explained how the phenomenon seen in the North and South Poles are affe…

Origine des courriels indésirables sur internet : Enjeux, Acteurs et Origines via Sophos et l'Afrique?

Méthode de saisie Swype pour les smartphones Android : Opportunités via la nouvelle version bêta

Webmail social : Enjeux et Défis autour du nouveau service Alto d’AOL.