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Edit, Collaborate, Send & Sign PDFs Online in our cloud-driven age!

It is obvious, more and more the PDF is one of the most widely used file formats in our digital age. Its flexibility and seamless in our cloud age bring more agility, productivity and security within the enterprises and enhanced collaboration and to help you do more with your files.
The following capabilities are critical: Online PDF Editor; Export PDF to DOC; HTML 5; Sign Documents Online; Secure Workflow; integration with third-party apps like Google Drive, Gmail & Dropbox and more; Encrypted Redundant Storage; SSL Encrypted Connections; two-factor authentication and Sharing functionalities
For informational purpose only, recalls that Notable PDF and DocHub pave their way in this vertical.

New actionable Cloud technologies trends around the world.

Surveys, probes, feedbacks and opinions are clear: CIOs are increasingly becoming aware of the benefits (flexibility, productivity, security, agility and more) that these technologies offer and are showing a growing inclination toward adopting managed and outsourcing services.

Increased spending on network and desktop outsourcing, and hosting infrastructure services are observed as the increase in the number of companies using cloud services.
Therefore, encourages Providers to develop the right combination of cost, quality and innovation in order to be competitive and remain relevant in the changing market landscape.

The spreadsheet reimagined in our mobile age!

For enhanced productivity and performance anywhere and anytime: clean, secure, agile, flexible, seamless, scalable and modern way to organize and collaborate on everything is a game changer. Among the critical requirements, we also have inter alia: Seamless mobile and web access; Simple content integrations; intuitive collaboration and Easy filtering with views. salutes the dynamic behind Airtable when it comes to organize everything within spreadsheet anywhere and anytime.

Now you can protect your Google and Google Apps for Work Accounts with Password Alert!

In our digital age where, “phishing” pages, sites run by people looking to receive and steal your password, threaten our experiences, Password Alert, a free, open-source Chrome extensioncan deeply protect your Google and Google Apps for Work Accounts. observes that, once you’ve installed it, Password Alert will show you a warning if you type your Google password into a site that isn’t a Google sign-in page.
When it comes to Google for Work customers, including Google Apps and Drive for Work, the administrator can install Password Alert for everyone in the domains they manage. Administrators can find more information in the Help Center.

Biometric patient identification technology in our data-driven age!

The new IT convergence is henceforth at the core of vast positive transformations within our society. In the healthcare industry for example, cares are more and more sure, efficient and sophisticated; Patient Engagement is improved; Enrollment Time is reduced; the technology eliminates duplicate medical records, and prevents inter alia: identity theft and insurance fraud.
Biometric patient identification technology plays a critical role in this momentum, so that it has become vital within the healthcare industry.
Therefore, salutes HT Systems, provider of palm-vein based biometric patient identification systems by Imprivata, the healthcare IT Security Company.