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Game: New Rainbow Skies exclusively announced to PS3 and PS Vita in 2014.

It is official since yesterday, the staff behind the project, was excited to share news about Rainbow Moon. According to people behind the project, Rainbow Skies is a new game that takes place in a new world, with new characters,

Henceforth, Motorola is sued for MPEG-2 Patent Infringement.

Under the projectors with the launching of its Smartphone Moto X , Motorola Mobility LLC is also sued by MPEG LA, because of presumed MPEG-2 Patent Infringement. In fact, MPEG LA, LLC, has announced that three patent owners in MPEG LA’s MPEG-2 Patent Portfolio License (“MPEG-2 License”) have filed a patent enforcement action in the United

Sony : Comprendre le bénéfice opérationnel de près de 500% par rapport au deuxième trimestre 2012.

C’est un trimestre fiscal riche de couleur verte chez le géant de l’électronique Japonais. Fini les misères de 2012, la mobilisation de la maison et la dépréciation du Yuan ont contribué fortement à

“The MD211G5 display is the latest NEC diagnostic monitor to receive FDA clearance”.

The announcement is official since yesterday; NEC Display Solutions has received FDA 510(k) Clearance on MD211G5 Medical Diagnostic Monitor. Connectikpeople has observed that, built for the displaying and viewing of digital images for diagnosis by trained physicians, the MD211G5 is an LED-backlit IPS diagnostic display offering out-of-the-box factory DICOM calibration and uniformity control

The Rockmelt apps and web product acquired by Yahoo!, will be shutdown on August 31, 2013.

This is a surprising announcement revealed yesterday by the Rockmelt staff: ‘’We’re excited to tell you that Rockmelt has been acquired by Yahoo!.’’The twenty first acquisition for Yahoo! since the appointment of Marissa Mayer as a CEO. Henceforth the team of people behind Rockmelt will join Yahoo! with the goal to help Yahoo! improve and develop its overall online tools of search.
Connectikpeople may recall that, Rockmelt has been founded in

Huawei's demonstration highlighted how WebRTC technology can add value to and extend mobile operators’ RCS services.

There is lot of research and activities around the WebRTC promising technology. This momentum leads much advancement, in terms of efficiency and possibilities into ICT environment.
In this dynamic, Huaweil is deeply engaged to improve and promote this technology. The company has showcased its Web

The new Android Device Manager can help you keep your device and the data you store inside safe and secure.

There are lot of software and applications available online and on mobile which are designed or intended to help you monitor and secure more or less you mobile devices and data. In this environment, you can find fake programs and well crafted