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Adaptive Experience Platform for Online Retailers: realities, stakes, recommendations and solution.

In our new digital-world, where the new IT convergence fosters an individual with unique needs, expectations, desires and thinking, can observe that, online shoppers progressively, want to take control of their digital experiences and they also want to be inspired in the same way they are inspired when interacting with a sales associate in the store. 
This means, the online retailers need and should understand and appropriate what inspired shoppers in real-time. 
The Adaptive Experience Platforms for Online Retailers emerge with the goal to deliver most inspiring shopping experiences.,  salutes those initiatives and therefore recommends inter alia:

Adaptive Experience Platform that uses a combination of machine learning + human content curation to create shopper experiences that feel more natural and inspiring,
A solution built in collaboration with online retailers,
A solution that can elevate the experience to meet shopper expectations,
Solution that…

Disaster recovery solutions for Linux and Unix systems: (SBAdmin) version, weaves its web.

In our digital-driven world, where data is the most relevant and actionable asset, we need at each level of our investments, a set of tools, methodologies and technologies capable to help us in real-time scope with disasters, downtimes and potholes., salutes the general availability of SystemBackup Administrator (SBAdmin) version, which henceforth includes support for the latest release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) version 7. 
When it comes to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) version 7,,  recalls that, this release now includes inter alia the Docker implementation of Linux containers, which is set to replace traditional virtual machines; Process and service management with systemd ; XFS filesystem support and Grub2 bootloader support.

Professional website platform for Drupal and WordPress: stakes, realities, recommendations and solutions.

The way we build up, develop, maintain, improve, scale and we monitor a website has dramatically evolved. This momentum is inter alia powered and fuelled by the unmatched : repositories, methodologies and frameworks available on-demand.
Thank also to the flexibility, agility and the scalability enabled by the cloud-based technologies., , recalls that, Drupal, WordPress and Blogger are the most comprehensive Content Management Systems (CMS) available, with robust functionality such as advanced menu management, polls management, graphics modification tools, and user management.
If unfamiliar, these functions make it possible to create simple or advanced websites, blogs, discussion boards, and social media campaigns., always recommends:
A single dashboard that can give web teams all of the tools they need to quickly build, launch, and run best-practice websites; including performance environments, version control, backups and workflow,
A multi-tenant, co…

Real-time content and audience engagement platform: realities, recommendations and solutions.

More and more, we spend our precious time online. More often, we spend this moment at the judicious sequences, when it comes to work; communicate with our love ones; collaborate with our staff and colleague, consume videos; play an exciting game or to monitor a set of activities, services to name a few. Within this exciting environment enabled by the new IT Convergence, encourages the critical role progressively achieved by the real-time content and audience engagement platforms. Key players such as Disqus andLivefyre are more and more skirtable. When it comes to the recommendations,, recommends a platform that can: ·Engage users through a combination of real-time conversation, content, social curation and advertising, ·helps integrating real-time content into their websites, mobile apps, advertisements and television broadcasts to increase viewer engagement, boost website traffic and drive revenue. Within this ecosystem, the exciting real-time experi…

The new Convergence of the Messaging Apps: realities, recommendations and solution.

It is always exciting to recall that the mobile is now at the core of our digital experiences in terms of services. When it comes to Messaging Apps, we progressively see and can observe how WeChat and LINE can transform a traditional messaging app into a ‘downtown’. In this approach; health, finance, trade, entertainment services and others come to people via a dynamic way. This means, beyond the traditional usages such as (SMS, Chat, Calls, communicate with all your contacts etc.), people can use those messaging platforms to find in real-time what they need for their daily existence. also adds the goal to make it easier for people to receive all their messages in 1 place cross-device including an integrated communications solution for the multi-device environment. recommends the solution that can provide:
Integrated traditional SMS and calling with an OTT “over-the-top” free messaging service, available simultaneously between PC and device,
A mobile a…