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OpenStack brings interoperability to the Oracle VM Release 3.3, Oracle’s latest server virtualization product: opportunities and advices.

As part of our global commitment, always recommends, the following criteria when it comes to virtualization or to easily deploy, manage, and maintain enterprise-scale applications across both x86 and SPARC environments. It is vital for the enterprises or organizations to focus on: scalable and flexible, agile and seamless, ease of use, and integrated management solution, and the end-to-end secure mechanism. At, Oracle, the new VM Release 3.3, aims to deliver enhanced ease of use for x86 and SPARC architectures, improved management features, and expanded support for both Oracle and non-Oracle workloads, including support for OpenStack. Henceforth, virtualization management for x86 andSPARC systems running Oracle VM Server, are unified in a single console. Users can also install the OpenStack technology preview with Oracle VM 3.3 test environments and the latest version of

New milestones for soon #Retinknow® across the world.

Image soon #Retinknow®, continues to grow its audience and to build up its useful presence across the world, within enterprises and organizations, public sector and governments, agencies and companies. Our commitmentremains, the same. We have set our worldwide targets and henceforth, we have the new unmatched readers, analysts, IT professionals, Executives, IT Leaders, decision-makers from India, Israel, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Russia, and Belgium who scrutinize our work in real-time. This week, soon #Retinknow®, has captured an unmatched growth from these countries. The infographic associated with this post, is an illustration of this new performance. The best is still to come.

Industrie de réservation en ligne sur mobile liées aux voyages, tourisme, hôtels, restaurants, voitures : acteurs clés et ce que vaut le capital risque américain.

L’Industrie de réservation en ligne et sur mobile liées aux voyages, tourisme, hôtels, restaurants, voitures, …, est un marché évalué au niveau mondial à une centaine de milliards de dollars US annuel. Comme vous pouvez l’observer ici, la puissance du capital risque américain est en voie de s’approprier totalement ce marché. La chine veut résister via un protectionnisme pragmatique et en copiant aussi rapidement que possible, tout ce qui est crée par les américains. Mais dans les affaires, qui arrive le premier généralement fini par tout rafler progressivement. Lorsqu’il s’agit de la réservation et location des voitures sur mobile ou sur PC, un acteur comme Uber, a déjà tissé sa toile pour tout rafler au niveau mondial. Côté voyages, tourisme, hôtels, restaurants, services de concierges et autres, Expedia en voie d’acquérir l’Australien, et son concurrent direct sont

Google’s Project Tango Tablet demystified: stakes and opportunities for everyone.

Our mobile-driven and data-driven world henceforth also means: computer vision. When it comes to computer vision, we talk inter alia, about: ·optimized-cameras, ·advanced sensor, sophisticated algorithms and machine learning capabilities, ·Understand space and motion the way humans do, ·enabling interior spaces to be quickly mapped in three dimensions, ·Allowing the creation of applications that blend real and virtual objects, ·large scale virtual and augmented reality experiences, ·integrated depth sensing tools, We also talk about advanced mobile graphics and performance. This leads soon #Retinknow® to congratulate the NVIDIA Tegra K1 mobile

Explore some of the challenges specific to virtualization security.

When it comes to virtualization, we talk about a set of applications running or that will be running in the virtual environment. This approach of managing the IT resources is always enabled by the cost savings and performance aspects derived from virtual machine consolidation ratios. As a must-attend land , recalls that, when it comes to security within this environment, the mechanism should be holistic, with minimal impact to the virtual environment, thus enabling maximum virtual machine consolidation ratios. It is also critical to recall that, the CPU, memory, network and storage performance needs to be considered based on the type of virtual machines that will be running