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Integration of all cloud and on-premises data and applications.

If data is a new oil in our data-driven world, it is also clear that data set within an enterprise or related to a company can become a dark moat when it comes to unlock instant and actionable value.
Reason why, you need: simplified, secure, flexible, seamless and agile integration of all cloud and on-premises data and applications.
The availability of Talend Integration Cloud - Summer ‘15can help simplify the development of cloud-to-cloud and hybrid integration flows.

Critical security update for all versions of Windows.

Image recalls that Microsoft has released a security update to address a critical vulnerability in Windows. Exploitation of this vulnerability may allow a remote attacker to take control of an affected system.
So, encourages users and administrators to review Microsoft Security Bulletin MS15-078 and apply the necessary update.

OpenStack Clouds with Turnkey Appliances.

The ability to address and solve the complexity commonly associated with OpenStack is henceforth critical when it comes to streamline the OpenStack adoption. 
Enterprises and organizations of all sizes are more and more excited about the Hybrid cloud that provides them the security, flexibility and the scalability the need.
In this dynamic, OpenStack Clouds with Turnkey Appliances bring the converged infrastructure; focusing then on holistic development and production deployments of cloud-native applications at scale.
So salutes the launching of Mirantis Unlocked Appliances, a converged infrastructure appliances built with Mirantis OpenStack.

Technological perspectives and actionable technologies to start this new week.

It is henceforth indispensable to understand that, everything around you is data-driven. On this momentum, last week, has observed that:
Understanding the interaction of mobile BI security (device, app, and data) is now imperative for implementing a successful rollout.
Henceforth anyone can create tiny RSS-powered apps for the Microsoft Band.
The Turing Phone is designed with security in mind. With custom encrypted software, Turing Phone is built from a material stronger than steel.
HP and Intel are collaborating to build centers of excellence with the goal of making high-performance computing available to more companies.
MIT has created a flash memory server that costs 90 percent less than conventional RAM and uses 90 percent less power.
Accessing new streams of data and running an enormous amount of calculations streamlines and can expedites research, converting research into practical applications faster than ever.
Widespread mobile devices have created a new corporate …