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Product design, mold design and CNC machining within a single software package: ZW3D paves its way.

Drive growth and profitability through cloud delivery of services and solutions: IBM paves its way with PartnerWorld program.

Le marché des messageries mobiles en Asie : le chinois Tencent en voie de tout contrôler.

Predictive analytics insights to users and devices on the front lines of business: Predixion Insight™ 3.2 paves its way.

Better Surface Knowledge and Insights for Improved Decision Making: the real value of Waggl.

Startups funding: EDITD, CoPromote, and PlaceIQ can now plan their expansion.

Gestion unifiée des menaces informatiques : ce que vaut réellement Sophos.

Our Security note includes: Microsoft February 2014 Security Bulletin, and Adobe Security Update for Adobe Shockwave Player.

Google Cloud SQL general availability brings support for databases up to 500GB in size and more.