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Showing posts from July 28, 2016

Nigel™ artificial general intelligence (or AGI) technology ready for existing apps and devices

The artificial intelligence considered as human-like intelligence technology is steadily penetrating our digital lives with great expectations when it comes to improve our living and working conditions in our ever-connected world.
Kimera Systems, developer of the commercial human-like intelligence technology for connected devices is aware of stakes and is starting to scale its Nigel™ artificial general intelligence (or AGI) technology to integrate it into existing apps and devices.
For those who are unfamiliar, Nigel technology’s approach to artificial intelligence fuses together a broad range of soft and hard sensor data, with the goal to achieve moment-to-moment contextual awareness; allow Nigel technology to learn and apply what it understands to real-world situations, much like a human does. 
The company is working with app developers and device manufacturers to integrate Nigel into existing apps and devices.

Enable financial institutions to operationalize blockchain technology

The frenzy around blockchain technology is real and steadily, organizations globally are investigating the benefits of using blockchain.
In fact, we still at the early stages, when it comes to making blockchain applications work in the real world; be able to rapidly and seamlessly use blockchain to gain the advantages of the technology immediately without having to run complex, costly and lengthy re-architecting programs.
The availability of Software AG‘s Digital Business Platform capabilities aim to enable financial institutions to operationalize blockchain by: ·gaining greater integration of, visibility into, and action upon public/private blockchain applications, ·Rapidly leverage blockchain technology without disrupting the business and existing IT infrastructure.

At the core of the general availability of Red Hat JBoss Data Grid 7 for Real-Time Data Analytics

Thanks to in-memory open source data processing engine like Spark, Hadoop, to name a few, data-centric organizations can now streamline data processing and real-time data analytics.
At the core of the general availability of RedHat JBoss Data Grid 7 for Real-Time Data Analytics, we have: in-memory datastore, distributed cache, NoSQL database, insights for continuous business optimization, real-time data analytics, business opportunities, in-memory computing, high performance, scale and flexibility, data at the moment it is needed for real-time analysis, faster data processing , new integration with Apache Spark, data-intensive applications, in-memory data store such as JBoss Data Grid, Hadoop-compliant data source. 
We also have at the center of stakes: support for Hadoop InputFormat and OutputFormat ,Hadoop I/O format, the Java 8 stream API, remote task and script execution, expanded polyglot support, with the final goal to help organizations capture business opportunities reduce or el…