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The IT Outsourcing market in China: trends, major challenges and Vendors.

Offshore destinations to streamline IT costs and critical operations are on the rise in Asia. This reality can be associated to a major challenge in the IT Outsourcing market, where increased adoption of social media, digital transactions, cloud computing, mobile, and Big Data is a major trend in the market.
For those who unfamiliar, recalls that, IT outsourcing is related to IT outsourcing departments responsible for the safeguarding, processing, transmission, and retrieval of information. IT outsourcing departments manage all IT-related services, software, and solutions to integrate and streamline various processes. According to Research and Markets, key Vendors include: Accenture Digital China Holding Fujitsu HP IBM And Prominent Vendors include : Beyondsoft ChinaSoft international China Data Group (Suzhou) Dalian Hi-Think Computer Technology HiSoft Technology International Insigma ISoftstone Inspur Group Longtop Neusoft Pactera VanceInfo Technologies

Neutral Cloud Connect Platform in our cloud-driven world.

With, you have in real-time, unmatched opportunities to learn, appropriate and enjoy all about Cloud computing. Then, it is natural for us to talk about Cologix Cloud Connect, which can offer direct access to Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Services via North American Data Centers. 
Recently unveiled, Cologix Cloud Connect, is billed as a platform that can provide a streamlined source for enterprises to access a selection of services to securely satisfy their current needs while retaining adaptability to the changing technology landscape. Cologix can offer protected access to public cloud services like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure Express Route and the Google Cloud Platform.

Your team's conversation platform to plan, share & organize work.

In’s world, each tool and technology, platform and app, or data susceptible to improve or revolutionize your work and productivity, infrastructure and performance, your data, privacy and security, is welcome.
Glip has captured our attention with built-in text and video chat and includes file sharing, tasks management, shared calendars and more. 
With this platform, you can see the context of work activities and related conversation. You can organize your work around your conversations. Co-workers and vendors can interact with you right from your inbox; teams can take advantage of their natural workflow from concept to completion, improving performance and keeping everyone in sync.

Data growth: A new approach needed to address the cost and complexity.

It is more and more encouraging to note that, people, scientists, entrepreneurs and organizations are aware of this critical reality. That said, recalls that, a new approach needed to address the cost and complexity driven by the Data growth, requires inter alia:
The ability to managing massive amounts of data where they want it, how they want it, in a fast and easy manner from a single dashboard,
Move data to the right location, at the right time, from flash storage for fast access to tape and cloud for the lowest cost,  
More efficiently leverage their hardware investments to extract the full business value of data,
A layer of software on top of existing storage hardware to drive innovation,
Extract intelligence from its traditional storage hardware products
Flexibility, scalability, seamless, speed and data protection are essential in our data-driven industries, therefore, also recalls that, this new approach helps create a more agile storage infras…

IBM Spectrum Storage in our data-driven world.

We live henceforth in a data-driven world where each piece of data is a critical asset; drive all kinds of stakes and generates unmatched business opportunities.
Data are generated from social media and digital transactions, web and mobile apps, from smart sensors, SMSs and Calls and from anywhere where this is possible.
This reality also drives sophisticated challenges that datacenters need to address: from security, through privacy to data storage inefficiencies, the challenges and issues are more and more astonishing.
In this environment where you need flexibility, scalability, seamless, security, optimal cost, maximized performance and productivity, IBMhas unveiled IBM Spectrum Storage, a new storage software portfolio designed to address data storage inefficiencies. can observe that, the software can help clients move data to the right location, at the right time, from flash storage for fast access to tape and cloud for the lowest cost.

The China Smartphone Market in 2014, by market shares, vendors and trends.

Overall, at the world level, the Smartphone Market is on the exciting curve driven inter alia by: operator subsidy, increasing services with value added, mobile games, mobile videos, direct sales, online/offline, low-cost phones, flash sales, growing deployment of 3G/4G networks, and a wide range of models in the low-end and mid-range segment.
According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), nearly 420.7 million smartphones have been shipped to China in 2014, with Year-on-Year (YoY) growth of 19% in 2014Q4 as compared to 11% in 2014Q3.

‘’The market was able to grow in 2014Q4 due to its growth in 4G phones. Also, while the share of phones sold through operators dropped, the number of phones sold through eTailers increased (share increased from single to double-digit YoY) due to the popularity of eTailers such as and  Apple's launch of larger screen sized phones also helped to contribute to the increase in shipments," says Tay Xiaohan, Senior Market Analy…