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Trends which characterize and are transforming security, cloud, mobility and big data/Analytics in our digital-driven world.

Beyond the unmatched benefits from the exciting technologies such as Internet of Things, Wearable, smart sensors cloud, mobility and big data/Analytics, we can also learn and observe that: 
A lack of readily available security information is similarly preventing organizations from being prepared during a security breach. Few organizations actually have a plan in place for all types of security breaches. 
In organizations where executive leadership is involved in security, confidence is distinctly increased. 
Few workforce is fully aware of the organization’s own security rules; the business benefits of cloud computing are even more prevalent when organizations use more than one type of cloud solution. 
There are notable challenges facing cloud computing adoption and implementation, most of which stem from a lack of understanding and experience as well as security concerns. 
The immediate efficiency and productivity benefits of a mobile workforce are undeniable. 
When it comes to big data, o…

Using security, cloud, mobility and big data/Analytics to drive success.

While the disruptive technologies such as Internet of Things, Wearable, smart sensors cloud, mobility and big data/Analytics unveil their capabilities, as the key of productivity and the end-to-end competitiveness for major, small and midsize; unfortunately, security seems the biggest concern in adopting these emerging technologies.
Beyond security risks, and lack of skills; major, organizations, small and midsize need a deeper understanding of the practical realities, so that they can harness full potential; take a strategic approach and overcome security concerns in order to fully harness the potential.

Google Slides for your work

If unfamiliar, withGoogle Slides,,  talks about presentation, anytime and anywhere. The service evolves and henceforth, it integrates useful and proven features; so that, you can inter alia: control  your images with a set of new editing options.

Enterprise and mobile Applications in our digital-driven world.

As professionals, people love intuitive, simple, sync, flexible, scalable, secure and productive applications and services.
Applications and mobiles services become more and more complex, connect to more services, and use more third party libraries. This means that, professionals also need sophisticated and permanent sensitization when it comes to deal with: applications limits, defaults and vulnerabilities.

Our global Cyber Awareness System focuses now on TLS/SSL vulnerabilities and nogotofail.

Beyond its natural vulnerabilities,  and a set of misconfigurations related to the imprudence of developers, TLS/SSL as security library is well known by its capabilities to improve the security of the Internet.
At, soon #Retinknow, we encourage the use of TLS/SSL, HTTPS everywherein all applications and services.
Thanks to the Google Android Security Team, who has built a tool, called nogotofail, which provides a new way to confirm that the devices or applications you are using are safe against known TLS/SSL vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.
Nogotofail can work for Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, Chrome OS, OSX and is available as an open source project; so that, anyone can test their applications, contribute new features, provide support for more platforms, and more.

The next generation of intelligent machines.

We live henceforth in the environment where the emerging technologies such as: the Internet of Things, wearable, the cloud computing, Big data/Analytics, smart sensors and recognition-based technologies transform and will transform how, humans interact with humans, data, and machines and with the natural ecosystems. 
This evolution, fusions with parallel advancements in agro-industry, nuclear, biotech, screening, robotics, genetics, biologic, nanotechnology and machine-based deep learning, that are inter alia; laying the foundation for the next generation of intelligent machines.