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WordPress 3.7.4 - 3.8.4. or 3.9.2 has been released to address multiple vulnerabilities: stakes, opportunities and recommendations.

Image, soon #Retinknow® Cyber Awareness System, recalls that WordPress 3.9.2 has been released to address multiple vulnerabilities, one of which could allow a possible denial of service issue in PHP’s XML processing.  WordPress 3.7.3 or 3.8.3 users will be updated to 3.7.4 or 3.8.4. Users operating older, unsupported versions of WordPress are encouraged to upgrade to 3.9.2. Therefore,, soon #Retinknow® recommends users and administrators review the WordPress Maintenance and Security Release blog   and apply the necessary updates.

Email data protection: realities and recommendations.

In our data-driven world, data is the main critical asset which requires and needs a sophisticated protection.
Beyond the hype surrounding the multifunction messaging apps and a set of collaborative cloud-based platforms, the email could remain fostered within enterprises and organizations, when it comes communicate, negotiate and deal with clients, partners and collaborate with the colleagues. 
This means that, email encryption solution is henceforth a meet point which needs to be combined with: Ease-of-use for everyone; Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution; sophisticated policy filters and robust delivery methods and with the seamless convenience.
In fact,, recalls that innovative email encryption should not be difficult to use for whatever users. Email Encryption should meet users’ needs for easy to use security in real-time and on any device.

L’impression en mode Cloud pour les entreprises : réalités, solution et recommandations.

Pour les enjeux de la flexibilité et de l’agilité les technologies et services duCloud computing sont désormais les leviers de croissance et de performances pour les entreprises ; qu’elles soient internationales ou locales.
Même si avec l’impression en mode Cloud, nous sommes à un stade encore précoce (expérience utilisateurs, simplicité, sophistication et richesse des fonctionnalités),, bientôt #Retinknow rappelle que, les services déjà opérationnels, offrent de quoi espérer. 
PrinterOn, qui vient d’être racheté par Samsung offre de services cloud à destinations des entreprises fonctionnant à partir de n’importe quelle tablette, smartphone ou PC vers des imprimantes compatibles PrinterOn.
Il s’agit pour l’utilisateur d’envoyer son document à imprimer par mail à PrinterOn qui l’orchestrer sur sa plateforme Cloud et l’expédier vers l’imprimante choisie. Le service est disponible dans près de 120 pays.

The whitelisting approach to boost cybersecurity measures and mitigate risks: stakes, recommendations and solution.

In our data-driven world with the mobile as the global meet-point, we are under pressure to prevent security breaches and mitigate risks.
This means, IT departments need in real-time: proactive, secure and automated IT resources to effectively inter alia: block cyber attacks and other threats. In this environment, the whitelisting approach can be a serious path forward, to define a set of relevant security measures.
When it comes to whitelisting approach, talks about the ability to have access to the technologies and tools you need in real-time in a trusted ecosystem or environment. The context (user, role, device, location, credentials, wi-fi connection, etc.) and the list of approved applications are the critical factors. 
IT departments can make their whitelists and blacklists related to software and applications needed by the organization without requiring a large number of exceptions and exposing the organization to unintended risk. 
Therefore, r…

Internet-based systems for processing credit cards and purchase cards: recommendations and challenges.

In our digital world, the stand reserved to e-commerce (B2C, B2B, and B2G), gains progressively in maturity in terms of purchasing-rate, sophisticated technologies, security policies and customers experience.
This trend is global and major players of this industry like Alibaba, Amazon and Rakuten demonstrate day-by-day that, we can rely on and leverage this new approach of consumerization to improve our living conditions.
This will not be more exciting if we neglect the customer’s experience, privacy and the collaborative-end-to-end security policies.
At, we encourage the players of this industry, when it comes to internet-based systems for processing credit cards and purchase cards, to focus on scalable, flexible, seamless, encrypted-easy-to-implement system, that conform inter alia with PCI Data Security Standard best practices so that merchants and buyers can manage, authorize and settle credit card and p-card transactions in real time.

A provider of open-source software management solutions, a fantasy sports startup and a stock-trading startup.

Henceforth via the explanation available here, you can deeply improve your knowledge, when it comes to technological startups and funding landscape, technological enterprises and innovators across the world. You can also fund your business.
Black Duck Software,( Founded in 2002, a provider of open-source software management solutions based in Boston), has raised $20 million in a Series F round led by General Catalystwith participation from previous investors: Flagship Ventures, Volition Capital, Red Hat, SAP, and Intel. This startup offers software tools and consulting to help customers leverage open-source projects for their own apps. Black Duck has raised $66 million to date and will use the new funding to expansion its business and customer base.
FanDuel,( Founded in 2009, a fantasy sports startup based in New York), has raised $70 million in a Series D funding led by Shamrock Capital Advisors with participation from NBC Sports Ventures,KKR, and existing investors. With FanDuel, Conn…