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Context and Predictive Analytics to Improve Customer Experience in our social media age

Henceforth, modern marketers in our social media need comprehensive social experience management capabilities; they need streamlined ability able to unearth a deeper layer of customer insights from across multiple channels.
Social media are increasingly used to share negative customer service experiences. Based on this reality, it is indispensable for modern marketers to move beyond surface-level feedback to evaluate customer experiences. 
Sprinklr, Inc., enterprise social technology company has added location-specific text analytics to its technology.
The integration of NewBrand’s technology, which applies unstructured data analytics to social and customer engagement data, you can unlock customer insights from across more than twenty social channels, and create more valuable customer experiences.

Comprehensive insight into the performance and availability of any hypervisor, interconnect or data store

It is more and more exciting to see that, business leaders, IT operations and application teams can proactively optimize their systems and spend less time troubleshooting and more time focusing on growing the business. encourages the dynamic behind VirtualWisdom® solutionthat can ensure performance for mission-critical enterprise applications spanning physical, virtual and cloud computing environments. observes that, VirtualWisdom4.3 offers new software probes that can support Microsoft Hyper-V and IBM PowerVM. It also includes enhanced Applied Analytics with the VM Coordinator to deliver end-to-end performance insights that accelerate business agility.

The strengths and weaknesses of the mobile apps relevant to wealthy clients of the 30 leading wealth managers worldwide

Each industry is henceforth transformed by mobile apps that bring inter alia: productivity, flexibility and agility now indispensable for everyone. 
Then, one can observe that, global universal banks and wealth managers progressively are offering their high-net-worth clientele exclusive mobile apps. 

According to Research andMarkets, Wealth managers need to fully grasp that their wealthy clients are eager, ready and sophisticated users of mobile devices, especially when it comes to financial matters. 
Its recent report can tell you all you need to know for developing, optimizing and implementing a winning app strategy for high-net-worth clients. observes that, the report provides an assessment and recommendations for the mobile app portfolios of each wealth manager and for the wealth management industry as a whole.

Your USB hard drive as a ‘secure’, private Cloud for your Home

The real-time access to private and sensitive files, digital assets anywhere and anytime is more and more streamlined with intelligent apps and device-agnostic technologies.
As device-agnostic technology, Lima can enable you to transform any USB hard drive into a ‘secure’, private Cloud for your Home.
The concept aims to be simple: just plug the Lima device to your Internet router and to an external hard drive at Home. 
When Lima apps install on your computer, smartphone and tablet, your drive will be accessible wirelessly from any of your devices, anywhere in the world. Offline & online access for files could be exciting.

The combination of self-service and managed data analytics capabilities in our digital age

Enterprises across all industries are increasingly flooded by the explosion of available data, structured and unstructured data that’s spread across the business.
It is time to help them unlock value, extract new and deeper business and actionable insights from this explosion of available data to drive competitive advantage.
In this momentum, the combination of self-service and managed data analytics capabilities is indispensable because it fosters inter alia:
Security-rich, scalable enterprise solution to access, analyze and share critical business performance information across workgroups,
Intent-driven modeling environment,
Smarter search that works in-context,A single environment for all types of business reporting,self-service design principles in common, agile and empowered user discovery, analysis predictions and compelling visualization,use of natural language technologies,