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Modern Marketing in our digital-driven world.

It is more and more exciting to note that with, the convergence of mobile, social, cloud, wearable, Internet of Things and others emerging technologies, we can easily talk about : valuable data, personalization, a measurable impact on revenue; best practices ; strong correlation between marketing maturity and business success ; more strategic and impactful role. 
Within this landscape, Modern Marketing means: new audience analytics techniques; personalize communications; inform cross channel advertising and content; combination of real-time predicative models and statistical techniques; intelligent targeting; personalized customer engagement throughout each stage of the purchase journey; Real-time customer insights; specific segments; intelligent tracking based on real-time feedback and behavior tracking and more.

Our global Cyber Awareness System focuses on Firefox, Firefox ESR and Thunderbird.

Image, soon #Retinknow recalls that the Mozilla Foundation has released security updates to address multiple vulnerabilities in Firefox and Thunderbird. Exploitation of these vulnerabilities may allow an attacker to obtain sensitive information, bypass same-origin policy and key pinning, cause an exploitable crash, conduct a man-in-the-middle attack, or execute arbitrary code. The following updates are available: Firefox 33Firefox ESR 31.2Thunderbird 31.2Therefore, users and administrators are encouraged to review the Security Advisories for Firefox, Firefox ESR and Thunderbird to determine which updates should be applied to mitigate these risks.

Data Security for Archive Storage: trends and recommendations.

By living in real-time and anywhere with sophisticated cyber attacks, the unmatched vulnerabilities and with severe bugswithin softwares, IT administrators need holistic tools, permanent trainings and best practices to better ensure data security in their archive storage. Simplicity, transparency and the end-to-end encryption are required when it comes to data protection strategies., soon #Retinknow inter alia recommends: Faster access to data; automated system; proactive and Deep Learning systems; multiple synchronizations; intuitive user interface under one management console.

A new era of cloud collaboration means…!

In our highly competitive business environment, businesses need to bring innovations to business, streamline their critical operations, they need to consolidate existing assets and expand to major and new markets.
This means, beyond the traditional flexibility and the productivity provided by the cloud computing technologies and services,, soon #Retinknow introduces the new era of cloud collaboration which emphasizes: faster and more secure environment that is backed by proven cloud capabilities; open, hybrid enterprise cloud platform; a new ways to work in an era shaped by the new IT Convergence.
A new era of cloud collaboration also means: the power of real-time through in-memory computing capabilities; run mission-critical business applications; enterprise depth and the open architecture; securely manage workloads from trial to production on a consistent infrastructure, with transparency and control over where data resides.
It requires the industry-specific best pra…

Here is what the convergence of mobile, social, wearable, and cloud computing means in digital-driven world.

A time ago, it was highly hard and complex to deeply learn about ourselves, people around us, learn about interactions, find out how we can improve our living and working conditions, drive sustainable development and growth, but also improve and develop our skills set in real-time and anywhere.
At, soon #Retinknow, we consider the convergence of mobile, social, wearable, and cloud computing as a revolution when it comes to understand the universe. The real stake is knowledge in real-time, anywhere and for everyone. 
The convergence of mobile, social, wearable, and cloud computing means: users at any skill level are able to quickly search, drill into and analyze information and create custom reports and dashboards based on their individual role; information is available to the right people, at the right time; better engage workforce; connect with your customers in a whole new way; uncover new insights and take action from anywhere; a better business through the power o…

Our global Cyber Awareness System focuses on ColdFusion and Flash Player, Oracle and Microsoft products and services.

Image, soon #Retinknow recalls that, Adobe has released security updates to address multiple vulnerabilities in ColdFusion and Flash Player.  Exploitation could allow attackers to take control of a vulnerable system. Users and administrators are encouraged to review Adobe Security Bulletins APSB 14-23  and APSB 14-22 and apply the necessary updates.
At Oracle, they have released their Critical Patch Update for October 2014 to address 154 vulnerabilities across multiple products. Users and administrators are encouraged to review the Oracle October 2014 Critical Patch Update and apply the necessary updates.
When it comes to Microsoft, the company has released updates to address vulnerabilities in Windows, Office, Office Services and Web Apps, Developer Tools, .NET Framework, and Internet Explorer as part of the Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for October 2014. These vulnerabilities could allow remote code execution, elevation of privilege, or security feature bypass. Therefor…

Here is what the ShellShock and HeartBleed industry-wide vulnerabilities have demonstrated.

We live henceforth in an ever changing world, in terms of, communication; technology; new devices; new ways employees work, threats and more.
When it comes to threats, we can daily observe that, Hackers deeply improve their skills, they improve their tools and  tactics. Major companies and Mid-sized businesses are hacked and a set of critical software vulnerabilities like ShellShock and HeartBleed are exploited in real-time.
The ShellShock and HeartBleed industry-wide vulnerabilities demonstrate that: the largest enterprises are no longer the biggest targets for malicious activity; we need a continual defense trainings; new technologies; connected intelligence ; real-time event monitoring, analytics, and reporting; simplified lifecycle management of overall security environments ; instant and automated security scaled to meet the needs of the network; and right-sized security solutions that uniquely address the needs of each organization.