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Big data analytics and cognitive technologies to help transform development approaches.

It is also our role to provide actionable insights to governments, aid agencies and other organizations that are looking to make more informed decisions about investment and development while having greater visibility of results.
We live henceforth in a digital age where the rapid rise in mobile and Internet of Things technologies are producing unprecedented amounts of data.
Thanks to big data analytics and cognitive technologies, people are now able to transform development approaches around the world. helps streamline in real-time all these experiences.
When it comes to Big data analytics and cognitive technologies to help transform development approaches, encourages you to explore ways of using advanced technologies to capture accurate data about challenges in areas such as healthcare, agriculture, water and education.
The latest advances in mobile, big data and Internet of Things technologies have the potential to change and streamline this momentu…

Variety of Disaster Recovery scenarios using Google Cloud Platform and solution that fits your use case.

In our digital age where disruption is not permitted and tolerated, a Disaster Recovery (DR) plan is an essential element of a good system. So encourages industries to implementing a DR solution that fits their use case.
In this momentum, it is indispensable to greatly reduce the costs and effort associated with implementing a DR plan. With the release of DR Planning Guide and Cookbook, Google is helping you determine how to implement a cost effective solution that can fit your business and specific use case. can observe that the Planning Guideplunges you into the issues you need to take into consideration when designing your DR plan. Topics such as designing for your recovery goals, through to understanding the impact of what configuration the image that you use to start an instance has on your recovery time objective (RTO) are underscored.
Also a helpful list of the products you would typically consider in a DR scenario. The Cookbook provides guidance …

Open infrastructure-as-a-service stack for enterprises and container-oriented computing.

At, we are proud to observe that: ·For most, hybrid deployments will be the norm and OpenStack is emerging as a standard for the on-premises component of these deployments.
It is also exciting to note the move towards container-oriented computing. Here talks about the real-time ability to solve hard problems building and operating applications at internet scale. The Kubernetes project (open source) like Docker can help many among you.  
Google is becoming a sponsor of the OpenStack Foundation, an industry effort dedicated to creating an open infrastructure-as-a-service stack for enterprises. salutes this momentum; critical inter alia when it comes to improve interoperability between public and private clouds.