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WordPress 4.2 and prior versions contain critical cross-site scripting vulnerabilities.

Image recalls that WordPress 4.2 and prior versions contain critical cross-site scripting vulnerabilities. Exploitation of these vulnerabilities could allow a remote attacker to take control of an affected website. Therefore, users and administrators are encouraged to review the WordPress Security and Maintenance Release and upgrade to WordPress 4.2.2.

Implementation of Big Data/analytics, mobility and social technologies within enterprise.

The excitements are encouraging: from opex-based cloud IaaS and SaaS to Hybrid cloud solutions. From traditional IT outsourcing transitioning to the cloud.
Implement emerging technologies! that is good, however encourages businesses to align business strategy with IT investments.
It is vital to be cautious and carefully analyse how these technologies fit into your existing enterprise IT portfolio. 
Clear business use cases are also crucial to gain success from these emerging technologies.

Powerful, streamlined and trusted actionable insights, critical data and technologies businesses care about.

With, organizations and people have access to powerful, streamlined and trusted actionable insights, critical data and technologies they care about, anywhere and anytime when it comes to their end-to-end digital transformation.
Our real-time abilities to produce actionable insights and critical data you care about, help AlchemyData, a set of cognitive services that allow developers to build a new class of apps that aggregate, analyze and organize high volume actionable data. 
AlchemyAPI acquired by IBM provides artificial intelligence-based text and image analysis services.

Henceforth with AlchemyData News, available through the Watson Developer Cloud, businesses can query historical and real-time news.
The AlchemyData service curates and organizes hundreds of thousands of published news stories from reputable content providers like 
Users can then build apps and products that query the data, along with NLP enrichments, to unlock new insights, make m…

Comprehensive and accurate app data anywhere at the right time.

As a publisher or a developer, you need streamlined processes, actionable data and powerful insights when it comes to improve your decision-making, increase your revenue or harness new business opportunities. 
At we are aware of this reality, so that welcomes the broadly availability of Usage Intelligencewith its expansive access to estimates on mobile app reach, engagement and retention.
Henceforth brings to you deep insights to analyze competitor apps; identify investment opportunities or evaluate advertising revenue potential.
Millions of data points are scrutinized on reach and engagement across 60 countries. 
Meaning inter alia that: critical and actionable app usage data available at your fingertips to plan for your app strategy.
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Docker Security and Best Practices

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Nathan McCauley and I have been working on a bunch of things since joining Docker. One area that we noticed is lacking is in the availability of information around Docker architecture and best practices in securely configuring and deploying Dockerized applications. This knowledge exists across the vast community of Docker users but we realized that we just haven’t gotten around to writing it down and sharing with everyone else.

As part of that process, Jérôme Petazzoni and I joined representatives from VMware, Rakuten, Cognitive Scale and International Securities Exchange to collaborate with the Center for Internet Security on a benchmark for Docker Engine 1.6. The CIS Security Benchmarks program provides well-defined, unbiased and consensus-based industry best practices to help organizations assess and improve their security.   We believe that unbiased and community driven benchmarks like this are important in p…

Two actionable mobile apps to get work done on the Go!

Their philosophies have impressed while they can also arouse confidence. 
Tipbit makes email on your smartphone easy by surfacing all the information into one app to help you easily access things when you need them and in the context of what you need them for. You can also easily publish any email or attachment to Box.
With Shakelaw you can create, sign, send, and manage legal agreements seamlessly from your phone, tablet, or desktop and automatically save everything on Box.
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