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The new trend of incorporating Infrared (IR) cameras into mobile phones

It is obvious that, the benefits of Infrared (IR) imagery are not well known by the masses, but with a little education via marketing by the handset manufacturers, Infrared (IR) cameras could.
For those who are unfamiliar, Infrared (IR) cameras, which capture infrared energy instead of visible light, increasingly serve many useful functions in enterprise
Then, I can recall that, the military used such devices for years to “see through” objects in either day or nightThe infrared cameras in the phones produce good quality photos, and offer an added layer of originality by capturing a completely different view of the world.” Caterpillar designed the CAT S60 to provide an inexpensive solution to enterprises looking to use thermal imaging in the workplace
The phone allows workers from manufacturing to field services to capture thermal images that detect changes in heat up to 100 feet away and can read specific temperatures between 50 and 75 feet from the user. The phone integrates a FLIR…