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Business Intelligence Software Tools demystified: aberrations and recommendations.

In our data-driven world, the primary challenge is the ability to develop accurate algorithms which allow us to avoid in real-time a set of aberrations observed until now within numerous Business Intelligence Software Tools. 
An increasing number of organizations across the world progressively prioritize investments in Business Intelligence and Big Data technologies., soon #Retinknow® encourages this dynamic, because it is crucial for each organization and enterprise to appropriate a single access point to all their information silos and advanced predictive and analytical technologies that support their automation processes, enable them to make better capital investment decisions, and help them optimize their business decisions.
If unfamiliar,, soon #Retinknow® recalls, when it comes to Business Intelligence Software Tools, we talk about a category of technologies (software tools) that enables a company, organization or public sectors to gain insigh…

The Convergence of network virtualization and open networking in the software-defined data center: recommendations and solution.

A modern datacenter, like you can observe here is based on intuitive, flexible and scalable complete solutions that can be easily procured, deployed, managed, and supported.
Network, storage, Network Function-Virtualization, software and the hardware, drive the momentum.
Our ever changing environment requires solutions, methodologies, practices, devices and technologies that deal in real-time with this aggressive reality.
This means, when it comes to network virtualization and open networking in the software-defined data center, Connectikpeople recommends a fully-tested and validated converged infrastructure solution for each niche which focuses on the following values: end-to-end security, flexibility, scalability, agility and transparency.
Dell and VMware are working with Cumulus Networks® to deliver the VMware NSX network virtualization platform with Cumulus® Linux® on Dell Networking switches.
Connectikpeople salutes this initiative and encourages each players to focus deeply on how a…

Outils d’analyse des contenus, des réseaux sociaux : enjeux, explications, recommandations et solutions.

Le plus excitant et difficile avec les réseaux sociaux c’est : bâtir une audience, la maintenir, l’activer en permanence et la monétiser de manière efficace. Dans ce processus les principaux acteurs découvrent et apprennent beaucoup.
Les réseaux sociaux, les applications de messageries multifonctions sont et seront le point de convergence de bien d’excitants et ambitieux : projets, activités, technologies et services.
Ce qui veut dire pour : les entreprises ; organisations et secteurs public : une bonne et permanente connaissance de ces écosystèmes en temps-réel : en termes de données, marketing, prédictions, bonnes pratiques, outils, pertinence, communication et autres., bientôt #Retinknow®, est l’unique référence mondiale qui permet à tout un chacun de s’approprier ces réalités en temps-réels.
Ce qui nous autorise à vous recommander lorsqu’il s’agit d’Outils d’analyse des contenus sur des réseaux sociaux, de toujours se concentrer : pour le cas de Twitter sur l’impact…

Oracle EBusiness Suite 12.2.4: recommendations and realities.

Image,  salutes the latest release of Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2.4 which focuses on the optimization of the business processes, costs-efficiency, and more. But this is not enough in our ever changing environment where the performance and the competitiveness requirements are more and more aggressive.
The Tablet as a device is and will be the most affective and relevant endpoint for the workforce. This means inter alia that: modern user interface, flexibility, scalability, prompt-reactions, agility and the end-to-end security are the key, when it comes to help organizations optimize business processes, reduce costs, and respond quickly to changing market conditions.
Henceforth, organizations need to modernize in real-time their Human Capital Management (HCM) with good practices, great methodologies and with flexible technologies.  In this momentum,,  recommends inter alia: online patching to easily gain the latest functionality; great automation and efficien…