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The Funding landscape for digital industry: from February, 2 to Feb 6, 2015.

This week the Funding landscape for digital industry has been particularly compliant with:·Shopping platform,·Mobile news aggregation service, ·Content discovery platform,·Cloud video conferencing, ·stateful applications, ·Refinancing marketplace, ·Enterprise data storage systems, ·Wireless routing system, ·bitcoin mining startup, ·Sharing platform, and "perks-as-a-platform". The total round table generated reached about $1.276 billion, and is less compliant with seed funding.Startups involved include: HelloFresh(raised $149M / Series E) is a meal planning and shopping platform that trends recipes and the required ingredients for subscribers to prepare them. Founded in 2012, HelloFresh has raised $216 million to date and is now 52% owned by Rocket Internet.NewsHunt (raised $40M / Series C) is a mobile news aggregation service based

Solution for Wi-Fi security: AnchorFree Acquires JustVPN and TouchVPN.

More and more, people use Wi-Fi to access the Internet wherever they are. If this is a convenience, this could also be a threat on privacy or on the security as hackers are exploiting a set of significant vulnerabilities.
AnchorFree, a provider of consumer security, privacy and Internet freedom, aims to bring peace in minds, enhance security and mitigate risks, with its new acquisitions including JustVPN and TouchVPN. 
AnchorFree recently announced new versions of its Apple iOS 8.0 and Android apps, with new features that focus inter alia on personal privacy, Wi-Fi security for iPhone, iPad and Android users. 
Hotspot Shield VPN, which is free to download, can provide a secure connection between smartphones or tablet devices and the Internet, encrypting data, protecting the user’s IP address, and thwarting malware.
Once installed, Hotspot Shield will run in the background, protecting applications and Webbrowsing.

‘’ The teams at JustVPN and TouchVPN will help us expand and enhance our curr…