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Maintaining a safe and operational port (import-export goods) in our globalized and digital-driven world.

In our ever-changing political and economical environment, ports are more and more vulnerable to a wide range of threats, such as terrorism, vandalism, frauds, theft, and safety issues that have costly impacts on the global economy. 
This means that, maintaining a safe and operational infrastructure is imperative.
The new IT Convergence can help port authorities in real-time and anywhere to mitigate these aggressive threats related to their activities. 
Among these emerging technologies, the artificial intelligence-based analytics solution that can teach itself to recognize and alert on abnormal patterns within massive volumes of data, goes beyond historical and classic means of monitoring video.
It can provide actionable and valuable insights in real-time and anywhere, so that safety and operations personnel can work and anticipate with greater precision.
The AISight Everywhere platform paves its way in this vertical.