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2016 leaders in financial services technology

When it comes to financial services technology, I talk about technological backbone of the financial services industry, in our ever-connected digital world where financial institutions are faced with mandates to improve customer experiences as well as operational, financial, and regulatory performance.
The 2016 IDC Financial Insights FinTech Rankings that represent IT providers, who are successfully meeting institution client needs, announced its top 10 as follow:
1. Tata Consultancy Services Ltd
2. FIS
3. Cognizant Technology Solutions
4. Fiserv, Inc.
5. NTT Data
6. Infosys Limited
7. NCR Corporation
8. Total System Services Inc.
9. Nomura Research Institute, Ltd.
10. Diebold, Inc. The 2016 IDC FI FinTech Rankings Enterprise Top 5:
1. IBM
2. Hewett-Packard
3. Microsoft
4. Accenture
5. Cisco Systems, Inc.

Biomedical Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Platform for Drug Discovery

At the core of stakes, we have a combination of machine learning, neural networks, natural language recognition and other AI methods or technologies to improve discovery and insight. The BioAI™ platform includes predictive visual analytics that can accelerate search and discovery from the literature, enable discovery of documents that are otherwise overlooked and improve drug discovery. 
The AI-powered visualizations can summarize an entire set of documents, detect trends and uncover hidden connections.