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Internet of Things: IEEE Launches World Forum on Internet of Things (WF-IoT) Series.

EclipseCon 2014: stakes and opportunities.

Cisco Smart+Connected accompanies Portugal Telecom to Collaborate in Europe, Latin America and Africa/stakes and opportunities.

Chrome Dev Summit, streaming LIVE on Nov 20-21: you can now connect with Chrome engineers.

CEATEC Japan 2013: ULIS Demonstrates Micro80P, the First in a New Generation of 80x80 Micron Thermal Sensor Arrays.

Blackberry : L’OTAN approuve BES 10 et les Smartphones Blackberry, Gartner ridiculisé.

Plenummedia, HelloFresh, and Twitch have raised $ 34 million in fundings.

Broadband networks: Huawei, launched its new version of product MA5600T.

DNA molecules: Engineers invent programming language to build synthetic DNA.

Data transceiver module: SATEL releases a new Module for long-range wireless data transmission.

BlackBerry : Gartner déraille avec ses analyses incohérentes ! ce Connectikpeople propose aux entreprises.

Dropbox and Goole Drive have accommodated important updates today!

Neurosciences: ‘’children suffering from traumatic brain injuries have difficulties with working memory.

WordPress 3.7 Beta henceforth Available for testing

Google wants to revolutionize HTML5 creative with Google Web Designer a new professional design tool.