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Showing posts from October 1, 2013

Internet of Things: IEEE Launches World Forum on Internet of Things (WF-IoT) Series.

The stakes, business opportunities and life conditions improvements around Internet of Things are progressively obvious. But, lot remains to do, in terms of technologies and applications. IEEE, announced the launch of its World Forum on Internet of Things (WF-IoT) conference series. Connectikpeople has observed that, debuting in Seoul, South Korea, 6-8 March 2014, the first IEEE WF-IoT will provide a platform for attendees and speakers to exchange

EclipseCon 2014: stakes and opportunities.

For this edition, EclipseCon 2014 North America will be held March 17-20 in (hopefully) sunny California at the Hyatt Regency San Francisco Airport. For those who unfamiliar, EclipseCon is about sharing best practices, insights, case studies, and innovations in the Eclipse community and in

Cisco Smart+Connected accompanies Portugal Telecom to Collaborate in Europe, Latin America and Africa/stakes and opportunities.

Progressively, Cisco is consolidating its international growth strategy with its Cloud ecosystem and Smart cities services. This time , it is alongside Portugal Telecom. The goal is simple: Cisco and PT, through its Information Services subsidiary PTSI and other PT affiliates, will collaborate on Cisco Smart+Connected

Chrome Dev Summit, streaming LIVE on Nov 20-21: you can now connect with Chrome engineers.

Chrome progressively, at the expense of Firefox, Internet Explorer and more, is recording one of the most important growing in the browser market. From Africa via Asia, Europe to North America, Chrome gains ground. LIVE on Nov 20-21, you can connect with Chrome engineers and other leading developers for a two-day exploration of new web APIs, multi-

CEATEC Japan 2013: ULIS Demonstrates Micro80P, the First in a New Generation of 80x80 Micron Thermal Sensor Arrays.

Based on the combination of three factors: their high-end microbolometer thermal detection technology, about 10 years’ experience producing small pixel pitch sensors and their skill in vacuum package technologies, ULIS demonstrates its new product Micro80P which is billed as the first 80x80 small pixel pitch high-sensitivity array in a line of next-generation thermal sensor arrays. Connectikpeople has observed that, Micro80P aims to meet the needs of applications

Blackberry : L’OTAN approuve BES 10 et les Smartphones Blackberry, Gartner ridiculisé.

Pour les oiseaux de mauvais augure comme le cabinet américain Gartner qui conseille stupidement à des entreprises d’abandonner les infrastructures Blackberry, (analyse disponible ici), eh bien, c’est un second camouflet, après celui de Connectikpeople, car

Plenummedia, HelloFresh, and Twitch have raised $ 34 million in fundings.

For these Startups, the stakes are high; Plenummediawants  expand at internationally; HelloFreshenvisions to expand its U.S. presence, and Twitchwishes to bolster its teams. So, in this dynamic, Plenummedia(founded in 2009, Madrid-based Internet business technology provider), has raised $6.5 million in series B funding from Spanish VC

Broadband networks: Huawei, launched its new version of product MA5600T.

The increased demand for mobility and broadband networks, leads and stimulates progressively a dynamic of research and development amid the manufacturers. At Huawei, they talk about a new version of product MA5600T. The product is billed as the largest-capacity vectoring system, compatible with various service boards that support optical and copper lines. Connectikpeople has observed that, telecom operators can use MA5600T to increase the broadband speeds achievable from large-capacity copper access networks. Innovative copper wire technologies here can offer ultra-fast access speeds, rapid

DNA molecules: Engineers invent programming language to build synthetic DNA.

Write a code for DNA molecules is not something we see and share every. Henceforth due to a team led by the University of Washington, chemists soon could be able to use a structured set of instructions to “program” how DNA molecules interact in a test tube or cell. Connectikpeople has discovered that, a team led by the University of Washington has developed a programming language for chemistry, with the goal to streamline efforts to

Data transceiver module: SATEL releases a new Module for long-range wireless data transmission.

SATEL maintains its cap improvements. Son following the recent release of a new data transceiver module SATELLINE-M3-TR3, SATEL this morning, has released a new Module for long-range wireless data transmission. Connectikpeople has observed that, the module It is compact, slim and easy to add to various systems. According to SATEL, with a 70 MHz tuning range, selectable channel width and 128-bit encryption available for secure transmission, it makes this one of the most versatile SATEL products available. Further, it utilizes Intelligent Power Save, which is a feature enabling very low power consumption; SATELLINE-

BlackBerry : Gartner déraille avec ses analyses incohérentes ! ce Connectikpeople propose aux entreprises.

La réalité actuelle autour du Canadien Blackberry, est celle qui démontre que, c’est une entreprise qui n’arrive plus à écouler ses terminaux mobiles. Pas par ce que, ces terminaux sont de mauvaise qualité, mais surtout par ce que depuis près d’un an, ·les différents plans d’actions marketing et commerciale n’ont pas produit des résultats escomptés, ·Blackberry a voulu resté très traditionnel et professionnel en termes de design et d’applications, ·La base de fans est resté presque la même, malgré quelques effritements en Amérique du Nord, ·Blackberry n’a pas su capter la jeunesse (absence de marketing agressive, design resté traditionnel et application trop pro). Les nouveaux terminaux mobiles notamment Blackberry Z10, Q10, Q5… et le

Dropbox and Goole Drive have accommodated important updates today!

A Cloud storing service Dropbox brought today, a way to automatically save screenshots from your Mac to Dropbox. Connectikpeople has also observed that, the screenshot saved on Dropbox will also create a link and copy it to your clipboard for

Neurosciences: ‘’children suffering from traumatic brain injuries have difficulties with working memory.

The Neurosciences progressively demonstrate their  utility and efficiency in terms of findings already available, technologies developed, life conditions improved, treatments improved, and more. Today, Connectikpeople has discovered that, Researchers at the University of Houston and the University of Texas Health Science Center used a type of brain imaging known as diffusion tensor tractography to compare visuospatial and verbal working memory in children who had received a TBI and controls.

WordPress 3.7 Beta henceforth Available for testing

For WordPress lovers note that, this new mount focuses on delivering key improvements to security, stability and updates. Pending the release of WordPress 3.8early December 2013, Connectikpeople has observed that, This biggest change in this version of WordPress is the introduction of auto-updates for minor releases. This means that if a security update such as 3.7.1 becomes available, your WordPress install will automatically

Google wants to revolutionize HTML5 creative with Google Web Designer a new professional design tool.

By making this tool availablefor free, Google progressively will kill Adobe Muse, and others actors in this space. In fact today, Google has announced the public beta of Google Web Designer, a