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Make Hadoop broadly consumable and a major complaint with Hadoop.

Hadoop is henceforth indispensable in our digital-driven age when it comes to understand and unlock critical insights and data anywhere and anytime. But a major complaint with Hadoop remains: the holistic ability to extract critical business values and actionable data within the ‘data lake’. 
Reason why at we believe that, Make Hadoop broadly consumable means inter alia:
Build a complete inventory of data assets in Hadoop and by opening access to Hadoop data through data self-service,
find the data you need easily,
Deliver faster time to value and derive business value from it.
In this momentum, data scientists can be more productive, business analysts can easily augment reporting and BI with Hadoop data without coding, and data governance teams can start controlling Hadoop data.
For informational purpose only, recalls that Waterline Data Inventoryenables data self-service on Hadoop and can allow users to find, understand, and help govern Hadoop data…

Cloud hosting projects and workload to Private/Hybrid cloud environments.

Beyond a set of critical reluctances and weakness related to security, privacy and performance progressively overcome, it is also exciting to observe that growing number of current public cloud users are already shifting workload to Private/Hybrid cloud environments.
In fact, according to a 451 Research survey of almost 2,000 enterprise cloud users commissioned by Microsoft, security and control, business growth, agility, and quality lead the excitements when it comes to shift workload to Private/Hybrid cloud environments.
IBM is listed as the company most likely to win Cloud business (18 percent), followed by Microsoft (11 percent) and Amazon Web Services (6 percent).

YouTube, Newsfeed algorithm and Facebook in our mobile-videos age.

The consumption of mobile videos proliferates around the world with a set of critical and strategic stakes related to this growth.Facebook is in an aggressive way with its Newsfeed algorithm to shake deeply this rich market. 

The results are what you know: henceforth nearly 4 Billion videos view daily on Facebook, Newsfeed algorithm can drive huge traffic to your content in real-time; but it can also break this performance in real-time when the site becomes saturated with content or during the uncontrollable mutations of its Newsfeed algorithm.

However, with YouTube, you upload your video, monetize it and it’s there and will be there for the world to see. Those subscribed will get notified. 

It is also clear that, up to now, Facebook doesn’t has any way for creators to monetize videos but if finally there, early adopters could win big.

Facebook leads henceforth the social video trend in terms of real-time visibility while Google works to get those users back.

SharePoint in Office 365 and SharePoint Server 2016 in our digital age.

A combination of on-premises, mobility, cloud and hybrid technologies is henceforth a game-changer when it comes to productivity, security, content management, team collaboration and user experiences across devices. 
The ability to make file Storage and document collaboration more people-centric like making decisions faster and keeping in contact are critical capabilities for increasing effectiveness and productivity in any organization.
The evolution of SharePoint and innovations in Office 365 outlined by Microsoft are encouraging in the quest for enhanced productivity within any organization. salutes this momentum and recalls that SharePoint Server 2016 is announced for Q2 2016, with a public beta planned for Q4 2015. 
SharePoint Server 2016 will deliver enhancements and new capabilities in three major areas: Improved user experiencesCloud-inspired infrastructureCompliance and reportingWhile Investments in Data Loss Prevention (DLP); Easy access to critical data anywhe…