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TargetSpecific Companies and Business Audiences on Smartphones and Tablets: the real value of Demandbase

The growing need for Smartphones and Tablets at companies and for professional purposes in real-time, represents henceforth a new opportunity for marketers to reach their targets during the workday and wherever they are. As a must-attend landmark for the end-to-end digital transformation for the companies of all sizes, sizes this opportunity to encourages Demandbase at its new commitment to provide businesses with the ability to extend the reach of B2B campaigns by targeting specific business audiences on mobile devices. In fact, Demandbase, the targeting and personalization company, has added to its marketing platform , the new mobile targeting functionality susceptible to offer B2B marketers the most robust cross-channel B2B advertising solution to target specific companies wherever they are online, on any device they use, with zero waste. When it comes to marketing platforms, encourages users to focus on technologies capable to identify and targ…