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Sensors in our mobile-driven world.

It is exciting and it will be more and more exciting to witness how Sensors are changing everything around you and inside us. 
It is clear and obvious that, ‘for the first time in human history we are all carrying around powerful computers jam packed with sensors’. 
As you can imagine, these sensors can understand where you are, what you are doing, and what is happening around us. 
Thanks to Sense360, your apps can easily understand, harness, underscore and unlock your environment, by inter alia enabling them to build more personalized and contextual mobile experiences.  Kamil Mroczek, CTO & Co-Founder was the lead engineer at Thinknear which was acquired by Telenav (NASDAQ: TNAV).  Previously Kamil spent 5 years at VistaPrint where he was a Sr. Engineer.Eli Portnoy is the CEO & Co-founder of Sense360.  Previously he was the co-founder and CEO of Thinknear. Eli writes and contributes for