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Android application for children in the Kenyan Primary School: Stakes and Opportunities for kids

Led by Nivi Mukherjee, an interactive, application for children in the Kenyan Primary School education system to learn and revise for their exams. The application aims to make a significant and positive long term impact on the Kenyan youth by improving their: test scores, cognitive thinking skills, social/environmental consciousness and IT literacy.

The developers have incorporated: animations, videos, songs, music, games and quizzes into the content from a leading local textbook publisher. In addition to the content of the 6 subjects, e-Limu,also contains content subjects on responsible citizenship and gradually shifting collective behavior towards a more sustainable lifestyle by covering topics such as environmental conservation, civic rights, human rights, community development, agriculture, etc.
The application can be deployed on any Android Smartphone or tablet with 3G or Wireless connectivity.

Téléchargement illégal des fichiers sur internet : Enjeux autour de l’arrivée de Mega via ancien MegaUpload dès 19 janvier 2013.


Offres de promotions géolocalisées : Enjeux et Opportunités pour les utilisateurs via Smartphones HTC


Storylane Weekly: Read the story about ‘’My mother's wontons’’

This is Connectikpeople series regarding Storylane weekly: In fact, Storylane is a social network which aims to enable you to know your friends a little bit better, and get inspired by people's experiences, decisions and opinions. Now we focus on the story about‘’my mother's wontons’’ By Chloe Fan.
‘’As a Chinese daughter, I considered following my mother in the kitchen to be one of the most important cultural lessons I could learn from her. When I was younger, I would marvel at her cooking skills and thought I would never be able to make dishes as well as she could. But at some point, I decided that it would never happen if I didn't even try to learn from her.

So whenever I took a rare trip back home, I would watch my mom closely as she made dishes in our suburban American kitchen, as she moved around intuitively preparing dishes, timing just right when to put the wood ear into the soup while she made the meat filling for the stuffed tofu, a graceful and balanced act perfe…

Facilitation du phising et Cybercriminalité via Facebook : Menaces et Enjeux pour les utilisateurs


Identification dans les photos Facebook : Comprendre et Identifier les Amis