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Startups fundings: Sungy Mobile, CreativeLive and Redfin + $90 million for their expansion.

As usual, Connectikpeople recalls that, fundraising is often needed to scale the company and generate exponential growth. Henceforth the chinese Android app maker Sungy Mobile, the mastermind company of Go Launcher, has raised $20 million in funding from Chinese antivirus software Qihoo360 and Kingsoft. Sungy Mobile filed to go public about two weeks ago with an estimated valuation of around $300

Henceforth IBM Watson technology is available as a development platform in the cloud.

Here we talk about Cognitive Platform to Global Community of Entrepreneurial Software App Providers, from Start-ups and VC Backed Companies to Established Players. In fact IBM today announced that, for the first time, it will make its IBM Watson technology available as a development platform in the cloud. The final goal is to enable a worldwide community of software application providers to build a new generation of apps infused with Watson's cognitive computing intelligence. This means create a new class of cognitive applications that transform how businesses

Connectikpeople Markets : une raison de plus pour nous faire confiance !

Nous sommes et notre ultime vocation, comme vous pouvez le constater de plus en plus, est de demeurer un outil professionnel international au service des investisseurs, des pays en développement, des entrepreneurs, des entreprises et de l’innovation. En intégrant un ensemble de widgets (03) destinés à vous restituer en temps réel les valeurs courantes et tendances des principales places financières mondiales, Connectikpeople va dans le sens d’un service encore dynamique, précis , utile , et

Here is why and how IBM and SAP Help Shell Launch One of the Largest SAP Solution Upgrades in the World.

Here we talk about downstream business IT infrastructure. In fact Connectikpeople observes that, Shell has putted in place one of the largest single SAP upgrade implementations in the world, covering operations in 35 countries and four global businesses and Shell business service centers, and impacting more than 29,000 users.
This means, the Shell’s “Downstream One” programme aims to simplify and standardise its downstream business processes, which cover all operations from manufacturing to marketing and sales of oil products around the world for

Dear professionals, here is the Cisco Global Business highlights during the first quarter ended October 26, 2013

After having appreciated the encouraging results, Connectikpeople has also captured important Global Business highlights from this company which could interest a set of actors among you. In this dynamic, we can observe that: Cisco completed the acquisition of privately-held Composite Software, Inc. to expand its portfolio of Smart Services and extend its next-generation services platform by connecting data and infrastructure.Cisco announced its intent to acquire WhipTail Technologies, Inc., a leader in high performance, scalable, solid-state memory systems designed to enable organizations to simplify data center and virtualized environments and process

Cisco reported first quarter revenue of $12.1 billion, below expectation: stakes and opportunities.

As you can observe, during this first quarter ended October 26, 2013, Cisco delivered solid profitability and the company is now focused on capitalizing on their strategic opportunities. In fact, Cisco reported first quarter revenue of $12.1 billion, net income on a generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) basis of $2.0 billion or $0.37 per

China Hi-Tech Fair ELEXCON 2013: Toshiba to Showcase Leading-edge Semiconductor Solutions.

For those who unfamiliar, China Hi-Tech Fair ELEXCON 2013 will run from November 16 to November 21 at the Shenzhen Convention Center (SZCEC), Toshiba’s booth will be at Hall 2-2D67. During the event, Toshiba will highlight solutions in five areas: "Mobile", "Home Appliance", "Industrial", "Automotive" and "Memory & Storage".

For our followers in USA, here is the Free Trial Program for GPS Tracking.

Here, we talk about a program called ‘Try-N-Buy’ launched by Synovia Solutions, that can enable prospects to evaluate Synovia’s GPS tracking and fleet management solution with a free trial. Connectikpeople can observe that, the user is given a self-contained GPS tracking device that can be easily plugged into the OBD II port available in most cars and light duty trucks manufactured since 2007. This means, according to Synovia Solutions, once plugged in, the user can launch Synovia’s powerful, yet easy-to-use GPS-driven fleet tracking and management

Amazon WorkSpaces is now available.

Here we talk about the desktop computing service in the cloud. This means, Amazon WorkSpaces is introduced with the goal to allow customers to easily provision cloud-based desktops that allow end-users to access the documents, applications and resources they need with the device of their choice. According to Amazon Web Service, by migrating enterprise desktops to the cloud, Amazon WorkSpaces eliminates both the up-front investment and the ongoing management of infrastructure while still offering all the security and efficiency of a

Doit-on s’attendre à la résurrection d’Interner Explorer avec Joe Belfiore, comme nouveau patron.

Il ne s’agit pour Connectikpeople de donner une réponse binaire à cette question, mais ce que l’on observe est tenace pour laisser comprendre qu’Internet Explorer risque devenir un navigateur destiné aux employés de Microsoft. Comparativement à Firefox, Google Chrome, en réalité c’est un produit qui n’a jamais convaincu, mais a su tirer son épingle du jeu en exploitant de la notoriété des produits Windows, étant donné qu’il y était installé par défaut sans aucun encadrement. En début Novembre 2013, en dehors du marché nord américain, ou le navigateur résiste un peu, c’est un produit décadrant dans le reste du monde (en termes d’utilisation et d’expérience utilisateur) face auxtentaculaires Google Chrome et le

Now, you have access to Google Play for Education and you can discover the Moto G.

Google has once more enriched the numeric landscape yesterday with two major announcements respectively in education and on the area of smartphones. Henceforth +Google Play for Education is available to schools across the U.S., with the goal to make it easier for educators to discover and share teacher-approved apps, videos and classic books with their students. Details are available via

Oracle is expanding the number of Oracle Cloud data centers: stakes and opportunities.

With the goal to continue its commitment as being the industry’s leading cloud service provider, Oracle adds four new Data Centers in Canada and Germany Bringing total to 17 Data Centers Worldwide. Henceforth with the new Oracle Cloud data centers scheduled to go online by Q2 2014, Oracle aims to help its potentials customers and partners further capitalize on the power of cloud computing as well as supporting the demand for local data residency and regulatory requirements. According to Oracle, the new data centers will expand Oracle’s global cloud infrastructure to 17 data centers supporting the most comprehensive portfolio of Application, Social, Platform, and Infrastructure Services, all available on

Hendceforth with NOTED Places iOS App you can remember your Must-Visit Places.

With this app NOTED Places wants to ensure that people never forget the most interesting and exciting places they hear or read about. In this dynamic, Connectikpeople has observed that, with the following categories “eat”, “stay”, and “play” and more, you can: Save: Add a place to remember and the address, contact number, URL