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Showing posts from March 24, 2015

A new vulnerability in Google's Android OS has been discovered recalls that, a vulnerability in Google's Android OS has been discovered that could allow an attacker to change or replace a seemingly safe Android application with malware during installation. An attacker exploiting this vulnerability could access and steal user data on compromised devices without user knowledge. Devices running Android version 4.4 or later are not vulnerable.
Therefore, encourages users to ensure their devices are running an up-to-date version of Android and to use caution when installing software from third-party app stores.

Help Companies Improve Operational Excellence with the Internet of Things

As usual, recalls that, the Internet of Things is henceforth indispensable, when it comes to enable real-time decisions, and enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty by connecting people, machines, sensors products and services across the world. brings together: innovations, technologies, sensors and machine data with business processes, applications and actionable practices, with the goal to help reduce structural complexity and increase operational excellence to help companies reduce cost and foster growth in existing and new markets. 
It is time now, for each organization to start thinking about how to incorporate innovation into manufacturing as a distinct competitive advantage. encourages SAP and GEA who work together to bring machinery and engineering knowledge to the integrated, scalable and high-performance cloud.

Manage and Govern Complex Data Flows between Business Partners

Seamless and Real-time interactions with your customers and trading partners are a competitive advantage in our digital age. Actionable insights and Data and technologies required are available at
Thus, always encourages organizations to focus deeply on: flexible and scalable, seamless and productive technologies when it comes to govern the flow of data between suppliers, customers, financial institutions and regulatory bodies. Cloud, mobile technologies and enhanced security architectures, are henceforth indispensable in this way.

Windows 10 Technical Preview tool: stakes and trends.

Great initiative from Microsoft; the company has releaseda set of tools that allow developers to get started building apps for the Windows 10 Universal App platform. In our digital-age where the multi-screen is a right, the real-time ability to use a single codebase, is critical. 
Henceforth, developers can install the tools and start developing apps for the Windows Universal App Platform that work across desktop, smartphone, tablet, Xbox, and embedded devices using a single codebase. recalls that, to get started, you need to be part of the Windows Insider Program and then download Visual Studio 2015 CTP6 and the SDK tools for Windows 10.
Pending the release of Windows 10 in a near future, developers have time to update their apps and build new ones that take advantage of the universal app platform.

Reliable Data, actionable InsightS, and Recommended Practices and Actions at

In our digital-age, where data is the new natural resource, and the most critical asset, recalls that, the fusion of Reliable Data and technologies, Relevant andactionable InsightS, And Recommended Actions at, helps inter alia: enterprises and organizations to be more agile and secure, profitable and flexible.
Provides Competitive advantage and helps users taking the right actions, based on the right information, faster.
This is a worldwide place, where Businesses gets analytical and operational data-driven applications for better planning, engagement and risk management.
The worldwide place, where IT delivers inter alia: a unified view of multi-domain master, interaction, social and relationship data in real-time.