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Showing posts from October 12, 2013

Media industry and Hollywood: Orange and Havas Media announced the opening of a new joint research and business centre in Los Angeles.

Orange pursues its investments around the Silicon Valley. This French company wants harness the dynamic of innovations and creativity available in this lieu. Therefore in partnership with Media industry the centre, named SiliWood, aims to support the growing interest of brands and agencies in potential industry developments generated by the crossover between

L’accès au bureau à distance : ce que vaut Microsoft en Octobre 2013.

S’il est vrai que c’est un marché encore embryonnaire en termes d’utilisations et de taux de conversions, les technologies ne manquent pour autant pas, surtout que le mobile occupe et va occuper un place centrale dans la vie du professionnel. Chez Microsoft, longtemps on a focalisé presque entièrement l’attention sur le bureau sans investir véritablement en R&D en ce qui concerne les solutions d’accès au bureau

Orange has built a 16,000m² data center in Val-de-Reuil, France: stakes and opportunities.

The stakes around IT services are increasingly enormous, in terms of data generated, technologies involved, business opportunities and lives conditions improvements. At Orange, to support this increasing demand in IT services, they focus on the

Huawei, involved in the ‘’first’’ wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) lines crossing the Amazon River and the Amazon rainforest.

2014 FIFA World Cup trend obliges lot of infrastructures, appear and are implemented progressively in Brazil. In this dynamic, Vivo, the telecommunications company in Brazil, and Huawei, a global Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions provider, jointly announced their successful deployment of the ‘’first’’ wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) lines crossing

Moteurs de recherches sur internet : ce que vaut la Russie en 2013.

La Russie à la particularité naturelle d’être le seul pays au monde avec neuf fuseaux horaires différents. C’est donc un pays continent d’une diversité culturelle très importante, qui a vécu des périodes de gloires et d’humiliations. En 2013, c’est une nation dirigée par un visionnaire. En effet Vladimir poutine, président élu de la Russie, veut faire de son pays (deuxième puissance militaire au monde), un interlocuteur

Henceforth an entry-level option for SAP® Active Embedded services is available for professionals: stakes and opportunities.

For those who unfamiliar, Connectikpeople may recall that, SAP ActiveEmbedded product engineer on demand option, is for selected SAP software components for which user knowledge is missing and focuses on challenges that typically fall outside a normal implementation. This means, as user you can benefit from easy and flexible access to experts who help you improve operational efficiency through sharing of product knowledge, achieving

TechVideo: here is the Google and NASA's Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab,