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Arab Middle East and North Africa Enterprise Application Software Market 2013–2018.

When it comes to deeply analyse the Arab Middle East and North Africa Enterprise Application Software Market, one can easily observed that, political and economic conditions affect the MENA market. SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics together captured about 81.9% of total EAS spending in the MENA region during 2013.
EAS license and maintenance (L&M) spending in the MENA region increased 7.3% year on year in 2013 to total $537.00 million. 
The biggest spenders were process manufacturing companies. The government sector was the second-largest vertical market, while combined finance ranked third, according to International Data Corporation (IDC). Referencing its 'Arab Middle East and North Africa Enterprise Application Software Market 2014–2018 Forecast and 2013 Vendor Shares' (IDC # CEMA21872) study.

New Red Hat Certified Architect Concentrations for technology professionals.

As you can imaginetechnology professionals with datacenter, cloud, application platform, and open source software skills are in demand. With the Red Hat Certified Architect concentrations, observes that, technology professionals can position themselves as experts on Red Hat's open source software solutions. The Datacenter concentration includes: Securing Red Hat systems against unauthorized access Enhancing logging, auditing, and identity management capabilities Deploying and managing virtualization infrastructure, hosts, and guests Implementing high availability services on Red Hat Enterprise Linux Using the on-premise capabilities of Red Hat Storage Server Deploying applications using Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) Managing multiple systems using Red Hat Satellite The Cloud concentration includes: Creating, configuring, and managing private clouds using Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform Man…

Develop and Launch Cybersecurity Startups in our digital-driven world.

It is henceforth obvious that, we enter the era where our lives are digitized and everything is connected via IP networks, where simplistic attacks evolve into organized crime and nation-sponsored advanced persistent threats (APTs).
Based on this reality, at we believe that defense requires and deserves inter alia:
A deep, first-hand understanding of the cutting-edge cyber techniques and processes,
Revolutionary cybersecurity companies,
New cutting-edge cybersecurity innovation,
Operational “think tank,” carrying out extensive, practical research that incorporates offensive and defensive expertise,
Inter-disciplinary teams of the very best talent to formulate new approaches to security,
Focusing on mitigating targeted attacks and advanced persistent threats (APTs).
Thank to Team8, a cyber “think tank” focused on developing disruptive technologies and launching new cybersecurity companies. 
For those who unfamiliar, recalls that, Team8 provides the capita…

Box Enterprise Key Management in our data-driven age.

As security remains a major barrier to cloud adoption for industries that require the highest levels of protection over their information, it is encouraging to see that, a set of digital actors work in real-time to allow businesses and organizations to maintain inter alia: exclusive control over their encryption keys. 
Box with Box Enterprise Key Management (EKM) paves its way within this dynamic, by enabling the encouraging levels of control around enterprise content without sacrificing the ease of use and powerful collaboration features of the Box platform.
In fact, Box is working with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Gemalto to deliver Box EKM. 
Box, in close collaboration with AWS and Gemalto, aims to provide a reliable and protected key infrastructure via a dedicated AWS CloudHSM appliance in the cloud, and leverages Gemalto’s state-of-the-art tamper resistant SafeNet Hardware Security Modules (HSM) for key encryption and protection. 

According to Box, ‘’Customers retain full control of…

Microsoft Critical Security Bulletins and Security Update for Chrome OS.


Contextual Marketing Platform in our digital age: stakes, realities and recommendations.

In our interminable quest and journey for productivity, performance, security and profitability, the new IT convergence including (Cloud, mobility, Big data/Analytics, IoT, social networks), combined with the open architecture, definitely represent a powerful asset for real personalized marketing.
That, means when it comes to Contextual Marketing Platform, a single marketing platform that unifies all customer data; can provide a powerful capability to collect, analyze, and act upon granular customer data, is always welcome.
Based on this set of realities, recommends a Contextual Marketing Platform that can:
Unify customer data into one centralized hub and allows companies to unleash the power of truly contextual marketing ,
real-time context-based data about individual customers and anonymous visitors,
Deliver contextual, consistent and relevant experiences throughout a customer journey, regardless of the marketing channel or device,
Transform mass communications into re…