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Security report for your app combined with guide to help you fix any problems immediately!

Streamlined-security features and paradigm combined with intuitive user-experience, both are the game changer in our digital where apps and software improve and will continue to enhance our living and working conditions.
When it comes to security, henceforth
Reliable Security Reports,
Ongoing and up to date scanning,
Clone detection,
Priority alerts,
Holistic security for your intellectual property, etc…
Are critical to mitigate risks and help bring peace in minds.
AppInside paves its way and salutes its platform that can auto generate a security report for your app and guide you how to fix any problems immediately.

Streamlined Big Data Analytics and Visualization capabilities.

When it comes to Big Data Analytics and Visualization, always recalls that, streamlined visualizations and rich analytics are henceforth indispensable to help inter alia: enterprise
Hadoop among others major tools is more and more implemented with self-service environments, that are helping users to integrate, prepare and analyze all of their structured and unstructured data with a single click and automatically open it to powerful visual discovery capabilities. encourages the momentum behind Datameer technology connector with Tableau Software. The goal is to make it even easier to look beyond structured data and seamlessly visualize.

Nearly $200M from the Private Equity last week in $1B raised for the digital economy.

Innovations and services related to: 3D printing, end-to-end big data analytics, carpooling, online medical care, chat app, social news and entertainment have received major consideration from the funding landscape last week.BuzzFeed social news and Entertainment Company for example will use the funding to expand its reach to a younger millennial audience. Kik plans to use the $50M in funding to become the "WeChat of the West". Overall, recalls that: $1.0M / Series A for Capital Match is a Singapore-based peer-to-peerlending platform that aims to create a more inclusive channel for companies to access debt financing and for investors to generate strong fixed-income returns. Investors include:Crystal Horse InvestmentsandInnosight Ventures.
$4.0M / Series A for ; a media platform that covers the startup ecosystem in India. The company will launch a platform to allow users to publish stories and narrate them with text, voice or video. Investors incl…

Virtualization in our cloud and container technologies age.

Cloud and container technologies and services have dramatically streamlined how businesses of all sizes operate and generate new revenues streams; so that, these technologies and services are henceforth at the core of stakes when it comes to scalability, productivity, flexibility, performance, enhanced security and agility in our digital age.
Virtualization as technology and service suffers inter alia from flexibility, vendor-lock-in, performance and agility. Meaning that, software containers or container applications could mean the end of virtualization. 
Henceforth businesses of all sizes and major Enterprise IT organizations are thinking and acting like cloud service providers and adopters.