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IBM In-Memory Database in the Cloud

A new step forward for IBM DB2 that scales to IBM DB2 V11.1 to help developers easily bridge on-premise applications to the cloud and enable a hybrid data architecture.
It scales to new heights of performance by enabling its in-memory technology to be easily deployed across a massively parallel processing architecture and helping to dramatically improve response times.
DB2 can be the best choice for mission critical, multi-workload applications, regardless of where you deploy them, on premise or in the cloud.
IBM DB2 is SQL-compatible with Oracle Database, making it easy to move applications from Oracle to DB2, whether on premises or in the cloud, with minimal-to-no application changes.

IBM New Bluemix OpenWhisk Tools to Speed Development of IoT Apps on IBM Cloud

More than ever, developers have unmatched opportunities to focus on what they love much: programming, without a set of constraints related to the need to deploy, scale, monitor and manage infrastructure, servers, technologies and more. 
For those who are unfamiliar, IBM Bluemix OpenWhisk is an initiative of developerWorks Open, IBM’s community of more than 100 open source projects to help developers collaborate and build with innovations in IoT, analytics, and more, such as Apache Quarks and Apache SystemML.
In our digital age where steadily, the emerging trend of serverless computing transforms the speed of development, new advancements (NPM Module and Node-RED) for Bluemix OpenWhisk can allow developers to more rapidly build event-driven apps, which automatically execute user code in response to external actions and events. 
New updates also include step-by-step workflows, new wizards to configure third party services and feeds, and a new editor to manage sequences of actions.