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Personal Cloud for Secure Co-Management of Data at the Office and Home

In our digital age, data is the most critical asset that requires a particular attention and scrutiny anywhere and anytime. 
Thanks to the Cloud technologies and services, henceforth individual, enterprises, teams can manage, share and collaborate on frequently-needed data and information for business and personal use, such as booking travel, managing company passwords and account info, employee onboarding, sharing info with office and home visitors, and family, home, vehicle and health information management. 
As you can observe, data that is essential to your business and lives is now at the core of critical and multiple stakes.
On this momentum, the new Personal Cloud aims to reimagine how people use and collaborate on data, in turn driving work and life productivity; boost productivity, reduce wasted time and hassle, and unlock entirely new data-driven experiences with user-permissioned data.

Cognitive computing technologies coupled with intensive visual and auditory immersive environments

Emergent technology like Cognitive computing while at the early is transforming how we work, interact with data, and unlock actionable value from massive unstructured data.
When it comes to Cognitive computing couple with immersive cognitive systems, recalls that, Cognitive computing will transform every profession, industry, and economy, while immersive cognitive systems will transform the way professionals around the world work.
IBM Researchhas announced plans for a multi-year collaboration with Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute to pioneer new frontiers in the scientific field of immersive cognitive systems encourages this dynamic at the center of informed decisions, actionable data, business insights and better outcomes and value and living conditions.

Over $367M in funding poured in the Mobile and Web industries last week

The quality of services is impressing like investors and founders behind these dynamics that improve our living and working conditions.
With $200Mcaptured TutorGroup , a China-based online education platform that offers online lessons, customized learning material, and more is on the cusp of revolutionize its service.
Overall, recalls: $9.6M/Venturefor PatientPing , a health technology company that connects healthcare providers across the country (US) with real-time notifications and care guidelines. Investors include:Google Ventures (Lead), SV Angel, F-Prime Capital Partners, First Round and more.
$20M/Series Bfor LoveCrafts, a London-based crafting community, marketplace and e-commerce startup that will use the new capital to invest in its technology and to grow revenue in U.S. and German markets specifically. Investors include:Highland Capital Partners Europe (Lead),Balderton Capital.
$30M/Series Cfor Avenida , an Argentinean e-commerce site similar to Amazon. The fres…

Help CMOs Transform Their Marketing Organization in our digital age

The real-time capabilities deployed at the right time to the right target, on the right way, through the right channel are the game changer in our connected world. Like you can observe here, actionable data, best practices and streamlined technologies help henceforth marketers generate new revenue streams and unlock business opportunities. 

So, at we believe that, Help CMOs Transform Their Marketing Organization in our digital age also means:
Rethink existing processes and embrace data, technology and content to deliver more meaningful customer experiences and demonstrate marketing’s impact on business results.
Modern marketers have to understand that, there is no organizational model that fits every company universally. All departments have to follow the same processes and company culture in order to effectively engage targets across all touchpoints. 
It is indispensable to recall that, Marketing is evolving and becoming very specialized across a number of disciplines…

Streamlined network management and control on Google Cloud platform

Google Cloud is deeply committed to invest and innovate in its networking capabilities; so, henceforth the momentum is rolled out through inter alia: the general availability of HTTPS Load Balancing, and encouraging performance gains from their software-defined network virtualization stack Andromeda
The availability of Cloud Router and Subnetworks, which together aim to enable fine-grained network management and control demanded for your enterprises and organizations.

Custom Machine Types, to create virtual machines on Google Cloud Platform that are right for your workloads

In our connected world where customization and performance are among the key drivers, it is exciting to see that, you can henceforth get the best possible price/performance fit for your workload.
Zero overbuys; just create virtual machines that are right for your workloads. Custom Machine Types are priced based on hourly usage per vCPUs and per GiB of memory. You can check out the documentation here. recalls that, Custom Machine Types are available in beta and will work with CentOS, CoreOS, Debian, OpenSUSE and Ubuntu.