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Showing posts from October 14, 2013

Tech Fundings, $152.2 million for and Xero: stakes and opportunities.

This midday, Connectikpeople has captured about $152.2 million intended to analyze music preferences and socio-demographic information and build online accounting software and services for small and medium businesses. in 2011, Zurich-based personalized music television startup), has raised $2.2 million in Series A funding fromZurcher Kantonalbank,, and a handful of private investors. Connectikpeople may recall that, Rayneer analyzes music preferences and socio-

Here is how IBM big data analytics can help healthcare organizations: stakes and opportunities.

If until now, we can observe that, most healthcare organizations or institutions are drowning in data and struggle to gain reliable, actionable insights from information; we can also observe that, a company like IBM tries to address this kind of issues using IBM Smarter Care solution. In this dynamic, UNC Health Care (UNCHC) is using IBM big data analytics to help

Les moteurs de recherches et réseaux sociaux les plus utilisés par pays et continents : ce qu’on peut comprendre.

Si de nombreux pays notamment en Afrique centrale et australe ne sont classés dans ce graphique, on peut observer que la tendance générale dans les cinq continents, fait de Google le roi sauf en Chine où Baidu s’impose sans véritable concurrence. Rappelons que Google était présent dans ce pays mais n’a pas su tirer son épingle du jeu, mettant

Industrial rugged displays and embedded computing systems, multi-touch screens: AIS announces its open Industrial Panel PCs.

Belonging to the new family of standardized, Industrial Panel PCs from AIS are pre-designed, open-based HMIs with rugged construction and build quality. Connectikpeople has observed that: ·All models carry an IP65 NEMA 4/4X rating and feature an all-in-one system design. ·Completely based on standard technologies (the XML, ODBC, OPC, VBA, SOAP, Web services, TCP-IP, and SQL technologies have been integrated into the platform

Dear professionals, HTC One max is there, with 5.9-inch display & fingerprint scanner

Fingerprint scanner trend obliges, HTC, the Taiwanese company joined officially the dynamic this midday. The HTC One max is henceforth available and brings special fingerprint scanner on

Here is why Onavo joined the Facebook team yesterday!

The stakes around and at core of online data are phenomenal, in terms of business opportunities, Applications, demographic studies and more. This reality is the core of Facebook business. Therefore all that can help this company to harness deeply the data of its members is welcome. In this dynamic, Facebook after having failed to buy Waze, has

Internet of Things: IBM and Semtech Corp announced a significant advancement in wireless technology.

The R&D around and at core of Internet of Things (machines and sensors connected to the Internet), progressively unveiled the potential of this concept, in terms of Applications, technologies and added value. The recent announcement at IBM shows us that, both companies have combined IBM software and Semtech hardware to create a system capable of transmitting data up to a

Solutions de sécurité pour entreprise et mobile : ce que vaut le groupe français Orange, et ce que Connectikpeople conseille aux entreprises.

Qu’il s’agisse du mobile ou du monde des entreprises, la question de sécurité devient de plus en plus sensible et critique au vue du nombre croissant de données produits, circulants et disponibles. C’est donc un défi permanent d’une part : ·pour les développeurs de solutions de sécurité, d’autres part pour les fournisseurs de services IT. Un opérateur télécoms comme Orange qui bascule progressivement vers le tout service avec son offre Orange Business, doit intégrer la notion de sécurité comme une priorité

Professionals, LG’s curved smartphone image is there: here is how it looks.

The trend continues, then following the recent announcement of Samsung (available here), LG marks its presence: this means, I’m

Tech fundings: Level, DogVacay, Lookout, LiquidM, The Fabric have bolstered their ambitions.

With this new series, we can observe how these funds will be essentials for these companies. Regarding Level(founded in 2012, a San Francisco-based finance-management app), has raised $5 million in Series A funding led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers with participation from a handful of angel investors. For those who unfamiliar, Level makes personal finance simple and seeks to expand to accommodate bigger financial issues in the future, such as paying off student loans and

webMethods 9.5 brings three new major capabilities and a set of enhancements.

AtSoftware AG the Digital Enterprise concept is deeply shared and accommodated. In this dynamic, the company has refreshed its webMethods suite to focus on how to maximize the new business opportunities and competitive advantages provided by the increasing digitization of the business world and the public sector. According to Software AG webMethods 9.5 is another significant step in combing cloud, mobile and social technologies with automated business processes and the