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Oracle engineered systems and appliances in our data-driven world.

The new IT requirements focus on and underscore henceforth the flexibility and performance, productivity and cost-efficiency, agility and scalability, simplicity and the security.
These requirements are the game-changer when it comes to market. With its new generation of engineered systems, including Oracle's new Virtual Compute Appliance X5, Oracle FS1 Series Flash Storage System, and sixth-generation Oracle Exadata Database Machine X5, Oracle aims to reduce IT complexity and focus on business innovation.
Oracle's Virtual Compute Appliance X5: Paired with the Oracle FS1 Series Flash Storage System, the Virtual Compute Appliance aims to provide a complete, converged infrastructure system. 
Oracle Database Appliance X5:can offer a complete package of compute, storage, and software and support of database and application workloads. 
Oracle Big Data Appliance X5: can deliver comprehensive and secure Hadoop and NoSQL capabilities to the enterprise.
Oracle's Zero Data Loss Recovery …

Cybersecurity: Overview and insights into the proposals outlined by the Obama Administration.

The Cybersecurity is henceforth a strategic reality within enterprises and government organizations. This means that, we will always there, to talk about this state of things.
Across the world and within companies and organizations, a set of holistic initiatives are engaged, to mitigate threats, damages, and enhance trainings and collaborations. In this dynamic, in the wake of US President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address this week, ISACA created the Cybersecurity Legislation Watch center and developed its firstCSX Special Report as part of its Cybersecurity Nexus (CSX), which aims to offer cybersecurity guidance, training and resources. can observe that, the five-page CSX Special Report provides a thorough overview and insights into the proposals outlined by the Obama Administration, with the goal to help clarify what is on the table and provide updates on significant developments in legislation affecting cybersecurity.

Touch ID in our mobile-driven world.

In keeping with a set of stakes and critical needs related to safety and security, convenience and privacy, productivity and performance, human characteristics are henceforth integrated or incorporated in and within digital services, devices and solutions. 
Apple’s Touch ID technology for instance can be incorporated into any mobile application, with the option to use your fingerprint data to sign in, unlock; create a seamless user experience; make it faster, secure and easier, when it comes to use an app without having to type in a password. recalls that, Touch ID is a fingerprint identity sensor that is located in the Home button of select Apple devices. Touch ID takes a high-resolution image of the user's fingerprint and then analyzes it in order to create its mathematical representation. 
The data points generated through the analysis are stored locally on the user's device, and are used for comparison with fingerprint data captured through any subsequent T…

Indoor Location: technologies, applications, drivers, challenges, services, major vendors and more.

We are still at the early stage when it comes to Indoor Location as a market size; market opportunities; maturity of technologies, services, solutions and more. defines location technologies as systems built around the Global Positioning System (GPS) technologies, with the main difference of their utility in navigating indoor spaces, such as malls, megastores, offices, airports, casinos, amongst others. The adoption of this technology is relatively slow due to a set of indoor environment challenges and performance requirements.
Research and Marketssegments the global indoor location market by type of solution: tag-based, rf-based, sensor-based and others; by type of application: indoor maps and navigation, indoor location-based analytics, tracking & tracing, monitoring & emergency management; by type of service: consulting, managed services, system integration and others; by type of verticals: academia & education, BFSI, government, public safety & ur…