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The IP cameras Vs analog cameras

One can observe inter alia that, increasing adoption of technologies for improving anti-terror equipments mitigating the security lapses has demanded for better camera resolution. On this dynamic, the IP cameras compared to analog cameras bring higher resolution, secure transmission, ability to cover more distance, high-speed recording, and lower cable cost.

Growth in m-learning explained

It is interesting to observe that, Educational institutions are giving prominence to m-learning as it helps them deliver e-learning course materials to handheld device of students or to facilitate blended learning. 
In effect, the opportunity to develop online learning content that can be accessed through mobile devices is being fully used. M-learning is being widely adopted by educational institutions as an effective and convenient e-learning solution to deliver up-to-date information to end-users. 
For those who are unfamiliar, simultaneously, these devices have applications in other areas as well such as providing responses to the quizzes designed by teachers with the help of mobile-based interactive response system software and apps. This software and apps can be easily downloaded and installed in the mobile devices with any operating system.

The most exciting when it comes to Gamification and game-based learning

For those who are unfamiliar, Gamificationis the implementation of game mechanics into the non-gaming context to drive user engagement and problem solving
Points, a leaderboard, badges, challenges, and rewards are some examples of game mechanics. 
Gamification methodology could include any technique of using video games or a reward system to help individuals learn and have fun at the same time. 
Students can be awarded for selecting the correct answer on the interactive response systems incorporated in the system.

Digital rights management (DRM) + Enterprise File Sharing and Synchronization

I can recall that, when embedded with EFSS, Digital rights management (DRM) controls each file’s behavior in the employee’s personal device and prevents unauthorized content redistribution. Hence, enterprises are adopting EFSS solutions embedded with DRM to secure their files and data.  In effect, the trend of integrating EFSS solutions with security content-aware data loss prevention (DLP) solutions is gaining popularity.
For those who are unfamiliar, Content-aware DLP solutions protect enterprises from insider threats and prevent data leakage. The content aware DLP solution read, decipher, and understand contents such as email, documents in Microsoft word and excel formats, and PDF inside files, folders, and programs as well as identify sensitive data and prevent data leakage.