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Think, work with to promote your cloud services, app, web-app or startup.

When it comes to internet-entrepreneurs and technological-entrepreneurs or startups, at, we think that, working with the digital-influencers should not be transactional; we need to build a mutually beneficial, long-term relationship.
Therefore, we always recommend online-entrepreneurs to find the middle ground that will simultaneously promote their cloud services, app, web-app or startup, as well as provide some value to our prestigious readers, followers, fans, researchers and decision-makers.  Instead of sending out press releases, we build a mutually beneficial, long-term relationship. You need to provide value before and after you needed coverage.
It is always exciting to think in terms of milestones, innovation, user-friendly, security, cost-efficient and engage with influencers as people, not as prospects.
We call it better working relationships with people in digital. Because, there’s an exciting difference between getting a link and building a long-term relation…

Help businesses analyze and identify sudden changes in online behavior.

Web site operators, cloud service providers and mobile application developers, henceforth need the real-time ability to detect and deal with vulnerabilities, threats and sophisticated attacks.
This means that, when it comes to help businesses analyze and identify sudden changes in online behavior, we should, inter alia, focus on: 
Browsing behavior to determine whether individuals are who they say they are after accessing a website or app via a computer, tablet or other mobile device. 
subconscious characteristics of how they interact with the site, such as clicking certain areas more often than others; using the up and down arrow keys on the keyboard to navigate; relying solely on the mouse; or tapping or swiping the screen of a tablet or smartphone in a distinct manner. 
We should also, focus on the effectiveness of authentication and security systems; take advantage of the natural behavior of users, and diverse sets of data to prevent, identify and investigate suspicious activity.

Disaster Recovery services and technologies in our disruptive digital-driven world.

Nowadays, when it comes to secure our digital assets; requirements, realities and stakes are more and more high and various. The cyber war becomes a dissuasive arm and numerous states, governments and sophisticated enterprises are henceforth deeply involved in this chaos.
This means that, securing vital company assets and maintaining continuous businesses operations, even in the event of a disaster, is now a permanent challenge.
To ensuring customer loyalty and maintaining company reputation, you need good practices and technologies, that guarantee continuous businesses operations, prevent outages, quick recovery from disaster, and that apply the holistic analytics and threat protection security services.  
Increased resiliency in case of potential outages caused by issues such as human errors and cyber attacks; sophisticated low-cost automation; the ability to replicate entire systems in real-time including system files, databases, applications and user data; an integrated view of your…