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Distributed processing of big data in Japan and Asian countries.

In our big data-driven age, data-centric enterprises experience explosive growth in data volume and need henceforth inter alia: tailored optimal and scalable ICT solutions.
In this momentum, Apache Hadoop can bring peace in minds. For those who unfamiliar, recalls that, Apache Hadoop is a Java software framework for big data distributed processing, and enables the batch processing of petabyte class data using processing capacity in thousand-node scale.
NEC Corporation and Hortonworks, Inc. have agreed to partner in the field of distributed processing of big data. salutes this collaboration that can provide organizations in Japan and Asian countries, with opportunities to create new value from big data through the combination of analysis technology, server and storage products and Hortonworks Data Platform powered by Apache Hadoop.

Privacy and integrity of web-mobile-interactions: App Engine, HTTP/2 or SPDY.

Everyday several alternatives develop and mature as many are in the experimental phases when it comes to protect the privacy and integrity of web interactions. Challenges are exceptional and stakes are in the core of our living and working conditions.
The emerging implemented SPDY protocol, in addition to optimization and server-push features, automatically supports TLS and persistent connections. The new HTTP/2 protocol applies and further improves upon all the learnings from SPDY, including the features that make batching secure requests a breeze.
Henceforth App Engine automatically uses HTTP/2 or SPDY for all HTTPS traffic, as long as the client also supports either protocol. also recall that, as a mobile-app developer, in order to take advantage of HTTP/2 or SPDY to batch HTTPS REST requests to your App Engine app, you may need to code and build your app using a library that supports one or both of these protocols.
Meaning that, for Android, you can try Square’s O…