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IT Service Management to the Cloud: the real value of Virima Technologies.

The ability to efficiently and securely manage IT systems and processes, is the real stake for every IT Administrators, IT managers, data center operators, project managers and consultants. At Virima Technologies, the commitment aims to be simple: develop technology to manage the risks associated with complex IT transformations including data center consolidation, optimization and cloud migration projects. can observe that, Virima’s technology approach to IT transformation can provide effective alignment of an organization’s IT operations and assets with its business strategy and processes.  Meaning you can for example rely on Virima’s EcosystemManager IT Service Management (ITSM) Software as a Service (SaaS) to streamline IT transformation

Here is the Alcatel-Lucent new software defined networking (SDN) technologies for the OmniSwitch Ethernet LAN portfolio.

Henceforth available, this package is tailored for its Enterprise division. Meaning that, companies can meet the increasing demands of employees and customers to use the applications they want, when and where they want to use them. Henceforth, Alcatel-Lucent is expanding its Application Fluent Network vision to help enterprises build SDN-based solutions in