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Our heavy security alert focuses on a critical patch update at Oracle, addressing 104 vulnerabilities across multiple products.

As part of our global Commitment and on behalf of our leading position, as a must-attend landmark for the end-to-end digital transformation, recalls that Oracle has released its Critical Patch Update for April 2014 to address 104 vulnerabilities across multiple products. This update contains the following security fixes:    2 for Oracle Database Server 20 for Oracle Fusion Middleware 3 for Oracle Hyperion 10 for Oracle Supply Chain Products Suite 8 for Oracle PeopleSoft Products   1 for Oracle Siebel CRM 1 for Oracle iLearning 37 for Oracle Java SE   3 for Oracle and Sun Systems Products Suite   5 for Oracle Virtualization 14 for Oracle MySQL Therefore, encourages users and administrators to review the April 2014 Critical Patch Update and follow best practice security policies to determine

Monetisation of Pre-Loaded Android Apps on Android Devices: Infobip with RollTech pave their way in the emerging market.

If the traditional app-stores like Google Play, itunes remain widely used and solicited by the developers and consumers, when it comes to download or buy mobile Apps, henceforth it is also obvious that, due to the lack of confidence, and a set of technical limitations, these platforms are progressively shunned and less used in the developing countries. Monetisation is widely complex in the emerging countries. In this case, as amust-attend landmark for digital transformation always recommends a flexible pricing approaches to deeply penetrate this market. hails the deep willingness of Infobip and RollTech for penetrate this market. Infobip is the international mobile messaging and payments provider. Henceforth, its direct mobile billing services will be integrated with RollTech’s Ay+ mobile app and gaming platform for Android smartphones and tablets. If unfamiliar, recalls that, through partnerships with a set of OEMs, Ay+ enables…

Platform for the rapid development and deployment of mobile applications: IBM paves its way with its System z.

One of our key role, when it comes to digital transformation, this is also draw attention in real-time, this is needed. Progressively captures a growing demand for mobile content, wearable devices, cloud computing services and for mobile applications. This trend is unstoppable and drives unmatched opportunities. In this momentum IT Vendors expect increasing revenue and end-users expect comprehensive and better overall user experience based on reliable, flexible, scalable

Aider les entreprises à tirer partie de l'Internet des objets: ce que vaut réellement l’américain Zebra.

Le succès des capteurs embarqués sur les appareils comme les Smartphones, tablettes et sur bien d’autres objets du quotidien, démontre à quel point, l'Internet des objetspeut considérablement participer à l’amélioration de nos conditions de vie, faciliter le développement durable et équitable. Le vrai défi se situe cependant au niveau de la remontée, le traitement et l'analyse de données collectées par ces objets. Comme unique référence mondiale lorsqu’il s’agit d’accompagner bout-en-bout des entreprises de toutes dimensions dans leur processus de digitalisation, pense que, c’est un défi progressivement surmonté avec la sophistication des algorithmes. Côté réseau, les bases fréquences GSM sont largement

Leanest, Betterment and Avvo can now develop their their tools and scale their service and products.

As, a unique must-attend landmark when it comes to the end-to-end digital’s transformation,, recalls that, this rubric is intended to help organizations, and investors to live in real-time what happens in the startups world; in terms of funding, acquisitions, strategic alliances and more. Regarding the emerging countries, and startups, this is an instrument for them to discover which Venture Capital or Business angel can fund their projects. LearnVest( launched in 2009, New York-based personal finance education startup), has raised $28 million in a Series D funding led by Northwestern Mutual Capital withAccel Partners and American Express Ventures participating. LearnVest helps users cut expenses, budget for goals, and invest their money with the assistance of a certified financial planner. The company will put the new funds toward hiring and scaling its LearnVest at Work product.
Betterment(Founded in 2010, New York-based online investment company), has raised $32 mi…

Asia/ Pacific Healthcare IT spending in 2013: facts, figures, trends and forecasts.

Our unique experience of the Healthcare IT spending trend across the world, progressively leads us to observe that, due to the heteroclite landscape, when it comes to IT infrastructural, mature economies focus on services, software and collaborative tools , while developing countries invests massively in the infrastructures. This reality emerges like a natural behavior, because healthcare systems are already well established in the mature economies, while in developing countries, they are still struggling and looking to create a sustainable healthcare system. As a must-attend landmark for the end-to-end digital transformation for the companies of all sizes, has captured for you, the IDCHealth Insights, which expects healthcare IT spending in the Asia/Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ) region will show a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8% till 2018. 
 This study can help technology vendors to draw useful considerations, and governments could find this study useful for…

Reliable and effective approaches to faster testing mobile application: the real value of SOASTA via TouchTest Private Device Cloud.

Increasingle, the mobile app-driven industry  requires strong, robust, scalable and flexible applications to face the escalating demand for mobile video, sensors and more. On behalf of our global commitment as, a must-attend landmark for digital transformation for the companies of all sizes, hails the overall efforts deployed by SOASTA, when it comes to cloud and mobile testing. Henceforth, TouchTest (mobilefunctional test automation solution), includes local test labs of Apple iOS and Google Android smart phones and tablets. With this comprehensive platform to manage and control mobile application testing assets, mobile development and testing teams can remotely manage devices, apps and tester